It’s Friday! 3 Things To Make Your Day EVEN BETTER.

IN: Life


1. Gawk. Learn a thing (or two.) Get inspired. Giggle like crazy.

And size up the raw beauty that is humanity–in all its patterns, glory, weirdness, cracks, eccentricities (can’t believe I spelled that right), and unpasteurized honesty.

Go here to do all of that ——>

2. Someone needs you to believe in them right now.

Because we’re humans. And we need one another. And just maybe? Believing in yourself isn’t always enough. We need the support of others. Give some. Get some. And be amazed at what we can do when we all fucking hold hands and jump in.

Watch this video. (And you thought you cried yesterday.)

3. Don’t just give a fuck. Give a huge fuck.

Borderline self-indulgent, I wanted you to see the interview I did with Bern at Your Great Life TV on giving a huge fuck. Because while I connect with you via these types of love letters every week, it’s not the same as connecting in the flesh. While video isn’t exactly the same either, it’s a close second. And if you’re my kinda people, I want you to know the real me. And more importantly, I’d love to know the real you, too. So no matter who you are, if you’re reading this right now and you’ve got a video of yourself somewhere on the internet, link me up to it in the comments. Any video. (Minus the porn – you can hang onto that.) Video of you jumping. Singing. Dancing. Talking. Eating. Laughing. Pranking your Aunt Judy. Whatever. Let me get to know you a little.

And in the meantime, click here to watch my interview with Bern.



(I’m serious about that video. Who are you, beautiful human? Show me. I’ll watch ’em all. And HAPPY FRIDAY. Let’s live a little, shall we?)