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You Don’t Need a Job – You Need Guts

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Most people will walk this earth for decades, feeling guilty for not pursuing the great adventures inside of them, but will never do anything about it.


Most people are overwhelmed by fear, and will make some of the worst choices of their lives because of it.  Greatness evolves from trust–in yourself, in your ideas, and in your ability to know, deep down, what’s best for YOU.  We must not betray that trust, because the moment we do, we betray our own potential.


Most people will do exactly as they are told to do, won’t ever question the rules, and will believe that by doing so, they’ll get farther in life.  While this may have once been the case, in a time when assembly lines were hip, the exact opposite is true now. In the age of technology, success awaits only those who are willing to break the rules, stand out from the crowd, and be daringly, unflinchingly, unapologetically DIFFERENT.


Most people believe that there is more safety & security in a 9-5 than there is in being an entrepreneur.  Though, more and more it becomes glaringly obvious that relying on only one sole source of income is a big (and irrational) risk. Furthermore, by building your work around yourself & creating new business opportunities, rather than building yourself around your work & having to adapt to already available business opportunities, your measures of success go far beyond money. And this is always, always, ALWAYS a good thing.


Most people leave the quality of their lives up to luck & happenstance, and believe, somewhere deep down, that eventually they’ll be rescued by someone or something.  As much as I love a pristine white horse as much as the next guy, it’s crucial to remember that you’ve got to be the hero in your own story.  The damsel-in-distress role is the coward’s way of living life.


Most people want more from life–more fulfillment, more excitement, more pleasure, more peace, more self-assurance, more satisfaction, more happiness, and way more juicy stories to tell–but they’ll never get it because they let the lack of immediate know-how become an (unnecessary) obstacle.


Most people will never actually live–they’ll just think they did.

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