25 DAYS TO $100K

Calibrate your freelance business to reach $100K this year just by making one small adjustment every day for twenty-five days.

P.S. The challenge is 100% free, just like the tears you wept over Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. 

25 days. 25 adjustments. All proven to help you dramatically increase your sales and hit $100K this year #FREELANCING.

SET #1 | MONEY Five little-known, but BIG IMPACT secrets to earning double what you are now—without changing anything else

SET #2 | WEBSITE The innocent errors most new freelancers make online that are proven to kill your business and keep you broke. 

SET #3 | WORDS How to strategically shape your message—including the #1 thing you should NEVER say about yourself. (A lot of people make this mistake.)

SET #4 | CASHFLOW Five EASY steps to generate an extra $5,000 in business this month—even if you don't have an email list. #MONEYGOALS.

SET #5 | CLIENTS Why your clients will gladly pay you 3x+ more and happily say YES! if you do these things really well. What is it? Join the challenge to find out

Ever feel like this is your #FREELANCE life? 

Adjust the hidden "settings" of your business and have your first $100K year the cool, calm & YES, I FINALLY FIGURED OUT LIFE! way, instead. 

Ready to Start 25 Days to $100K?

Every day for twenty-five days you'll wake up to one new small calibration in your inbox, starting now! 

P.S. It's 100% free, like the wind beneath your wings.  

Who's behind this heresy?

Ash Ambirge and her unconventional company, The Middle Finger Project®, are basically like the freelancer mafia (with hilarious fake New York accents), helping independents and creatives get paid what they're worth and learn how to do business the unf*ckwithable way. Called "a voice of originality in a world that needs it" by modern-marketing man Seth Godin, and featured in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, and at least one angry stranger's blog, Ambirge's message is all about trusting yourelf fiercely, doing what you love, and letting nothing f*cking stop you. A forthcoming author represented by Writers House NYC, she's bringing this message to the main stage—and determined to help good people doing great things get where they're going with grace, style and a take-no-shit attitude.  

In her free time, Ambirge enjoys stalking houses on Zillow, riding on planes all over the world, trying to learn French with Rosetta Stone (FUTILE, HOPELESS PEON THAT SHE IS), and chatting up any taxi driver who will tell her their life story. (Shy cabbies are automatically filed under serial killers, obviously.)