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No More

“this whole online business thing”

Get the easy, step-by-step system that helps newbies set up an online business in a weekend, even when they’re starting from scratch and have no idea where to begin.
(Like, literally, none.)


yo’ glass if you’re ready to:

  • Tell the naysayers to watch and learn as you bring your crazy business idea to life (FORGET THAT JOB, you are not going back)
  • Learn how to take your skills and turn ‘em into a fully functioning online business that gets clients and customers from all over the world
  • Get your new website up and live (!!!) if it isn’t already
  • Get all of the fun-filled “internet marketey things” finally clicked into place—like your email opt-in and your lead magnet and your first automation sequence (especially if you’ve never heard of those before—wink)
  • And set up a simple system to make your online business work for you, 24/7 (so you can actually have a life and go do fun things and be FREE, all while making a damn good income)

Then welcome to the promised land of online business for newbies. May we offer you some fizzy water? Perhaps a piece of licorice? Because we’re about to help you set up your first online business, baby…and we’re gonna do it TOGETHER. 



business system for beginners

Finally, a dead simple system that you can follow to go from “I’m into this online business idea and could see myself putting my services out there but honestly I have no idea where to even begin???” to “OH, YEAH, THAT LITTLE THING? It’s just my super smart online business that earns me a cool six figures every year just by doing what I love.” <–Your new elevator pitch. 

Because that’s the goal, right? 

Owning your time. 
Setting your own schedule.
Doing work you love every day. 
Being in control of your finances.
Being with your family. 
Going wherever you want to go (when you want to). 
Doing whatever you want to do (when you want to).
Not going back to that job / routine / monotonous, soul-sucking disaster that was Your Past Life. 
And still earning as much as the damn doctor who told you you were “getting up there on the scale” last month when you went for your checkup. (Whatever, Dr. Ron.) 

You can sell your services to the world. 

And you don’t need a middleman boss named Roger anymore to do it.

There’s just one teeny little thing standing in your way… 

Figuring out all the moving pieces of an online business feels like it requires a damn near PhD. (Or at least that thing people call “zen.”)

Where’s the best place to set up your website? Where do you host it? And what about social media? What do I need? What don’t I need? And what about all this email marketing stuff I keep hearing about (that seems really important)? Opt-ins, lead magnets, automation sequences??? How do I set it all up? Which email marketing software do I use? And once I have a plan for what I want to sell, how do I set that up? How do I get paid? How do I take people’s money? What systems do I need to have in place? Will this all happen automatically? And also while I’m at it…do I need a business license? To file an LLC? Do I need to do something for taxes? And once all of that is set up, how do I get people to actually find me? To see any of it? It feels like this big, looming weight on my shoulders that’s going to take years just to get all the pieces in place…

Overwhelm & decision paralysis,


Figuring out how to get a simple online business live and operational can be straight up woozy making—especially if you’ve got limited time during the day to make all of this *waves hands* happen. 

  • Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed already (and you’ve barely even begun). 
  • Maybe you’re drowning in all the different options—and which one to choose?! 
  • Maybe you’re going round and round in circles, trying to be thoughtful and analyze how all the pieces fit together…but overthinking everything
  • Maybe you’re cussing out the tech piece. 
  • Maybe you’re paralyzed by all the different choices.  
  • Maybe you just don’t have a clear path forward.
  • Maybe you’ve just resigned yourself to “sucking it up” for a “few more months” with your “old job” until you can “figure this online business stuff out.” 

Starting a new online business—especially when this isn’t your “world”—can be daunting. (And maybe even prevent you from moving forward at all.)

But here’s really good news: somebody once figured out that CHEESE IS DELICIOUS WITH PICKLES, so basically the world is your oyster (and word has it cheese also goes great on that).

Launching your brand-new online business will be easy and straightforward now that you’ve got a step-by-step system you can follow that cuts through all the noise and just walks you through it all: do this, then this, then that, and then hook this up to that and then set up this up over here, and then push this button over here, and then make these settings like this, and don’t forget to do this…and voila! 

You’ve got your very first online business set up and ready to accept REAL AND ACTUAL MONEY FROM REAL AND ACTUAL STRANGERS. 

And you can do it all in a weekend.

It doesn’t have to be so...

*@!&!!)$% UGH

If you’ve already tried to take an initial stab at this—then you know that:

(a) There are a ton of different pieces of software out there; 

(b) There’s wayyyy too much online business advice to sort through in a lifetime; 

(c) Half of it sounds super internet-marketey and lame-o;

(d) You can’t sort your arse from a hole in the ground because so much of the strategy “depends” and there’s no clear answer;

(e) There’s also no clear starting point: do you have to write all your content before you launch your website? Do you need a website before you can start an email list? Do you need a business license before you can start a website? Where does social media fit into all of this? Can I use the drool that leaked out of my mouth while forcing myself to watch hours of drawn-out videos to blow bubbles and take photographs of those for Instagram?


The truth is, there are many experts profiting by making this hard and complex and long and drawn out…and expensive. But the more complex it gets, and the more information being thrown at you, the less you actually accomplish. It’s a catch-22: the internet is full of wisdom and advice and courses and programs, but the real value comes from knowing what newbies actually need to execute and start making money—not overburdening everyone’s minds with videos full of fluff and pomp and lengthy introductions that do nothing to move the needle.

What you need is a simple roadmap to tell you exactly what to do first, second and third, and how. To show you how to set it all up. And to take you from zero to “yo, I’m makin’ money like DeNiro!” (New jingle.)

48 TO FREEDOM will help you do exactly that.

If you can make a brownie from a box,

you can do this

That’s some great imagery, is it not? Between this and the discussion about cheesy pickles, we’re really on a roll. (NOT AN ITALIAN ROLL, YOU GUYS. STAY FOCUSED.) 

The point is: anyone can make a pan of brownies when they’ve got the right ingredients and the right instructions. 

***And anyone can make an online business when they’ve got the same.*** 

The hard part is knowing what to put in, and more importantly, what to leave out—because let’s be honest, you don’t really *need* to add marshmallows to the brownie mix. Or chopped nuts. Or your ex-boyfriend’s favorite flavor gummy bear. (In fact, your brownie might be better off without it. And your sanity probably, too.)

Likewise, there are lots of fancy “additions” to online business that you don’t need either—despite lots of folks with paid affiliate links, making you think that you do. As much as I love me a good, helpful, well-timed affiliate link, I also cringe to think of all of the things newbies are convinced to buy that they don’t need right now—or maybe at all. At the very least, there are certainly lots of things you don’t need at this stage: bloated softwares and bells and whistles that might cost you hundreds of dollars a month, for something you can’t or won’t be using yet, because you don’t have all of those pieces in place to do so, because you just started your online business, like, yesterday. 🙂 

Take it from me: twelve years ago when I first started this company (12!!!!), I often worked with established online companies and tech start-ups who had all of those bells and whistles. In my capacity as a professional copywriter, we worked on more of the advanced nuanced strategy, like testing different headlines with fancy A/B software, writing smashing sales page copy, developing effective email marketing sequences (people actually wanted to read!), creating memorable product names, writing catchy product descriptions, developing creative ad campaigns, optimizing landing pages for conversions, and even writing witty and joyful help docs and in-app copy—because companies with personality weren’t all that common, then. 🙂 

Through my work with these online start-ups all over the world, I saw firsthand what was working, and what wasn’t. I was behind the scenes on everything, speaking with founders and leaders and marketers and sales teams. We worked together to continue to refine their approach and figure out what really moved the needle (and what things could be ignored). 

And out of all of those bells and whistles they had, you know what the #1 thing was that really made a difference in how well they did? 

Not any of the fancy, bulky software.
Not all of the A/B optimization testing.
Not the color of the button on the sales page.

Not the kind of publicity they got, or which magazine they were featured in. 

Oftentimes, not even the price point mattered as much as you might think it would! (There are things you’d be surprised matter far less than you think.)

Rather, the thing #1 thing that was able to make or break sales? 

Not how advanced their marketing was, but how well they’d executed consistently on the basics. 

If you don’t have the right foundation, everything else falls around you like little tiny dollar bill snowflakes. (That don’t even stick in your hair. 😩)

As it were? Many of the lessons these large, established businesses needed to learn were the same exact lessons that brand-new online businesses need to. 

I’m talking brand-new people like you!

The person who just got certified as a running coach and now needs to figure out how to start her business online.

The creative writer who thinks she could really make a go of it, writing for clients—but how do you establish yourself and where do you go from here?

The aspiring wedding photographer who’s gotten hired by a few friends (!!!) and now is ready to make her big debut to the world.

The award-winning daycare owner who wants to teach others how to start their own five-star daycares—but has no idea how to sell that to anyone besides her local community.

Wherever you’re starting, what you need are the critical basics—done well, and done consistently

Otherwise the money machine breaks and all we’re left with is a faint memory of a time when we almost did something awesome, then…um…didn’t.

Launch your online business



We’re here to help you get it live and get it shipped! (And do so correctly.)

Because here’s a secret:

It’s not about building an online business.

It’s about building an engine

And 48 TO FREEDOM will give you that engine—while removing the confusion, removing the tech headache, and getting you operational in two-days flat. 

If You're ready too...
  • Launch your website (or power-up the one you’ve got!)
  • Learn what your website needs to say and do (and what it doesn’t)
  • Set up your packages and your products for sale (even if you aren’t sure what you’re selling yet)
  • Set up your payment processor in a way that will automatically double your sales
  • Create a killer sales offer that starts generating money for you now (even if the only thing you’ve got is a half-baked service in your brain)
  • Be ready to accept someone’s money today—no tech hassle involved!
  • Set up your email list the right way (this is truly where the money is in any online business)
  • Create a strategic lead magnet that actually works to get leads onto your email list 
  • Learn how to write your copy in a way that makes people scratch out their eyeballs to get ahold of that lead magnet
  • Turn new subscribers into paying clients on autoooooopilllloooooottttttt  
  • Take a $1,000 client sale and turn it into a $5,000+ client sale over and over again (this is mission-critical for raising your earning potential)
  • And then keep attracting new clients to your website on autopilot, so you can repeat the process into infinity and keep the engine going

How it works

We throw open the doors to 48 TO FREEDOM every single Friday! 

You say, “omg, yes, I neeeed thissss,” purchase the system, and then you’re off to build your first online business from start to finish this weekend. 🙂 

This is a DIY accelerator, so you can technically do it any two days you’d like—it doesn’t have to be the weekend—but we structure it this way because we’ve found that it keeps people accountable and focused and gives them a reason to show up and DO THE DAMN THING. We love working this way, and our customers do, too! That said, if you work weekends or can’t make it for any reason, you can purchase the system go through it anytime—it’s yours forever, and you can go through it whenever you’d like, as many times as you’d like. We’re just aiming to give as many people structure that feel like they might benefit from it. ❤️

There are no live webinars or discussion threads for you to get distracted. You don’t have to show up in your best Sunday clothes because no one else working on their business alongside you will be able to see you. You’ll simply log-in and get to work! 

And even more cool? Once you log in you’ll see a suggested schedule for how long you should spend on each section before moving on. (And when to take delicious coffee breaks, obviously.) This is helpful if you’re a perfectionist who will edit three words over and over again to infinity (been there!) It’s also helpful if you really want to get this thing launched

You’ll have to complete each section before the next will “unlock”—but aside from that, you’re free to go through the system however you see fit. However! If you get it done by Monday, you can submit your new website for a chance to win a review and (super friendly and useful) critique, complete with custom suggestions from creator Ash Ambirge! So you’ve got motivation to get ‘er done and get ‘er live—without doing all of the perfectionist stuff that we all tend to do.

And you might even get featured in our showcase—woo hoo! 

How we do the damn thing -


Pre-Game checklist

As soon as you sign-up, we’ll give you a pre-game checklist that you can go through to make sure you’ve got a few required items sorted before we begin! We’ll ask you to make a few decisions in advance so we can hit the ground running and GO.

Day 1: A.M.

Your Website
  • Website domain & hosting
  • Website set-up & configuration
  • Website pages & blog content
  • Website copy & what to say

*templates included as bonus!

Day 1: P.M.

Your Email List
  • Setting up your email marketing software
  • Creating your first lead magnet *
  • Making your first email opt-in *
  • Setting up your first email automation *

*templates included as a bonus!

Day 2: A.M.

Your Offer
  • Creating your first entry-level service 
  • Making your first sales page *templates included as bonus!
  • Linking up your payment processor so you can get paid!
  • Planning the rest of your packages & offers

*templates included as bonus!

Day 2: P.M.

Your Marketing
  • How to get strangers to discover your website 
  • How to convert those strangers into subscribers
  • How to convert those subscribers into buyers
  • How to convert those buyers into repeat clients

Plus, when you buy now, you’ll also get these killer limited-time bonuses!

*Not hyperbole. These bonuses really will kill any and all remaining self-doubt

Business Essentials Starter Pack: For helping you navigate all the paperwork formalities of starting a business, including registering your business name and figuring out what the hell to do with your taxes.

Website Copy Starter Pack: Done-For-You Written Templates to Quickly Fill-In-The-Blank and Hit the Ground Running, including: Starter Website Copy, Starter Opt-In Copy, Starter Offer Copy, and a Starter Email Welcome Sequence.

Email Starter Pack:
A series of our most-requested emails that newbies need to send their clients (and never know how to word!) The pack includes: (1) Cold call email; (2) Telling a client what your rates are; (3) Following up after call; (4) Responding to “you’re too expensive”; (5) Sending the contract; (6) Onboarding; (7) Client not happy with work product; (8) Client wants a refund; (9) Asking for referral/testimonial; (10) Following up with client to get more business / start a new project.


had her first six-figure launch

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You Can

do this

Your “crazy” business idea isn’t crazy at all—and all you need is a weekend (or any two days you can dedicate!) to showing the naysayers what you’re made of. Later, when you’re earning a six-figure income, effortlessly buying plane tickets and a brand-new home, rest-assured: they’ll be begging to know how you did it. 

You don’t need to have some ultra-unique business concept that’s never been done before. (In fact, it’s better if you’re doing something “common,” because that means it works.)

You don’t need to have years and years of experience under your belt before you can start your own business. (I’ll show you how to sell your talent, not your years.)

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars a month to lease a space and buy furniture and pay utilities and all of the things that business owners of the past needed to do in order to follow their dreams. 

In fact, you know how much it’ll cost you to start your entire online business?  

Just $47 bucks.

That covers the cost of the basic tools you’ll need to get started, including your website and your email marketing. 

All the rest you can leave at the door for now. I’m serious. I’m going to show you how to do this the smart way. And you know what the smart way means?

$8,000 a month coming in, only $47 a month going out. 

That’s our goal. 

$8,000 a month in income is approximately $100K a year—and you can do that. You can sell your skills and your talents and your knowledge and you can do that. People do that every day. I’ve coached thousands of them over the years and watched it happen…and they’re always surprised at how easy it was, when you’ve got the right pieces in place.

Launch your online business this weekend—

the smart way