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How to Land Your Dream Job—Without Any Prior Experience, Connections, And/Or Bribing The Boss With Your Boobs

In: Career, Creating, Lady Balls

STOP WAITING. You don’t need to wait for someone else to “give you” the dream job, any. That one where you travel the world, sourcing big, funky oversized silver jewelry and re-selling it in your shop. That one where you photograph every luxury boutique hotel in the city and create your own guide. That one where you design your own of handbags, and start selling them in pop ups all over the United States. The one where you create


You Don’t Have to Be an Asshole to Be an Authority

In: Communication, Confidence, Finding Your Voice

There’s a conflict between authority and earnestness. You want to be viewed as an expert…but you also want to be down-to-earth. You want people to respect you…but you also want to be relatable. You want to command high fees…but you also want to be accessible. Most people flip flop back and forth between these two extremes. They’re either all business—but missing any real connection—or they’re all earnestness—but missing the respect. But this isn’t a zero sum game. You don’t need


Writing Problems Are Idea Problems In Disguise

In: Creating, Writing

When your idea isn’t clear, you know what you do? Cover it up with blabber. Adjectives. Flowery words that try to compensate for the fact that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about (yetttt). But good ideas stand on their own. If you’re having trouble writing about it, your writing may not be the problem. Go back to the idea, and start there. Because if you can’t say it in one sentence, you’ll never be able to say it


Knowing How You Spend Your Time Is Just as Important As Knowing How You Spend Your Money

In: Business 101, Productivity

I track every single minute of my time. I can tell you exactly how many hours I’ve been writing my new bo, exactly how many hours I write for this blog, exactly how many hours I dedicate to the Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends mastermind, even how many hours a word branding project takes me, start to finish, on the ightful occasion when I do these—including phone calls, e correspondence, and administrative tasks like sending contracts and invoices. I do this, not because


More Work Doesn’t Mean More Money. It Means More Work.

In: Productivity, Success

I like gel eggs. (WHO’S WITH ME ON THIS?) But I can never get the gel eggs just right, because they always turn out too dry, or undercoed. It’s hard to get that perfect precision. Then I bought a new pan. Made the gel eggs on the first try. The tools you use are as important as the work you put into it. Better outcome. Less cursing. That’s one reason why I’m switching these daily es to a new provider


Businesses Are Like Books: The Best Ones Actually SAY Something

In: Branding, Business 101

The best bos are those that say something. That make a statement. Draw conclusions. Make connections. Contribute something new to the discussion. Otherwise, what’s the point in writing it? I think we can all agree that nobody wants to read bo after bo that regurgitates the same exact thing that they’ve read before. The same thing applies to business. If you lo at your business as a story, is it one worth reading?

When You Feel Like a Hot Mess Full of Walking Contradictions and WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?

In: Finding Your Voice, Life

You don’t have to choose, you know. You can be intelligent…and sensual. Extroverted…and introverted. Complex…and simple. You…and someone who’s evolving into someone else. Sometimes, in an effort to finally define who the fuck we are, we start putting ourselves into the little boxes voluntarily—the same ones that we spent our earlier years trying to escape. It gives us relief, to be in a box. To have an identity. To know something with certainty. And to be able to say, with


You Wanna Be a Killer? Ask Yourself This Question Every Single Day

In: Hard Stuff, Lady Balls, Life

Alright, hotshot— so what are you going to do today to change it? *los you dead in the eye* *walks away*

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