Yo, yo, yo! It’s Ash, and I’ve made a very special page to talk to you a little bit about MONEY and how it’s made here at The Middle Finger Project.

We’ve got a whole number of revenue streams, from services, to books, to memberships, to products and beyond, but another way that we make money is through select affiliate relationships with certain companies that have agreed to give me a commission if, say, someone reading this website clicks through and decides to buy their product. Why? Because we’re sending that company leads, and that’s business they might not have had otherwise. Cool, right? It’s almost like my first job in magazine advertising, when I’d get paid a commission anytime I sold something—except digital, and for other people’s companies. It’s a really nice way for me to share the things that are working for me, and that I love, while helping you get sorted, AND be compensated for the time and energy that I put into rocking the hell out of this site.

All that said, unless indicated otherwise, you should assume that any links that appear on the site ARE affiliate links (even though the majority are not), so this way you can properly weigh my recommendations against that knowledge. I promise that I only recommend things that I’ve tried and that I actually freaking love, so you can ALSO assume that if I’m recommending it, it’s for a reason.

Alright, homie? Alright. Thank you SO much for supporting the site, and for being here.

I happen to think your pants are really nice.