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Jan 20


Unintimidated HQ™️—My New Communication Company Inspired by Kamala Harris 💪

Jan 20, 2021

Kamala. Motherf*cking. Harris. IT HAPPENED! IT’S HAPPENING! WE’RE MAKING HISTORY RIGHT…NOW! I cannot tear myself away from the inauguration. (I legit got emotional the moment I turned it on this morning.) I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since Harris spoke the iconic two words she will forever be remembered by—”I’m speaking.” As soon as […]

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Jan 13


Why You Should Never Do Another Free Client Call Again

Jan 13, 2021

Hey, I got a good idea! How about you call up Dan Rather and say, listen Dannnnnayyyyyyyy, I need an hour of your time, buddy—I really need to know about journalism, and so I thought I could pick your brain for a while—you know, for free—and then decide if it’s a good fit. If so, […]

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Dec 9


💌 Free Email Template 💌 Switch Your Clients to Retainer the Easy Way

Dec 9, 2020

It’s that time of yeeeeaaaar! No, not the holidays. Fuck the holidays. (Just kidding, I LOVE the holidays.) (Ugh, a jolly asshole like me would.) Rather, it’s the time of year for you to announce to your clients your intentions for your 2021 rates—and perhaps (perhaps???) a switch over to—drum roll—retainer. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn! RETAINERS!!!!!! […]

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Nov 18


I Wrote a Book About Changing Careers—And Here’s My Advice to Donald J. Trump, CAPS PIRATE III

Nov 18, 2020

Walking around the house this morning looking like my best self—AKA with an oversized Columbia fleece and these really, really thin sweatpants from Target that kind of make my ass look like a bouncy miracle???—and that’s when it hit me: Donald Trump really needs to read The Middle Finger Project. Not just because of the […]

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