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Creativity Zapped? Try This Madman Trick.

So I have this theory about creativity. First of all, it drinks bourbon, neat. And second of all, it’s hungry. Hungry like the kind of hungry you get when you only had a dinky little grapefruit for breakfast. (Which doesn’t even count since you need the jaws of life to extract anything out of those citrus assholes.) But instead of feeding our creativity, you know what we do? We starve it. We stare at the screen. Scratch our crotch. Concentrate


If You’re Not Dangerous, Get Out.

If you’re not dangerous, we don’t want to work with you. You might have the qualifications. You might have gone to Harvard. Maybe you’re perfectly competent. Step it up. Competence doesn’t demand that anyone notice you, wonder about you, or care about you. Nobody ever won an award for hitting a deadline on time. We want to work with people who are hated. It’s easy to be loved; all you have to do is kiss the right ass. It’s much