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How to Nail Your Friggin’ Message, Once and For All, Using This Trick

If there were a richter scale of “OH F**K,” you know which two questions top the charts for creators? So, what do you do? Can you send over your professional bio? kisssssesssss LAWDY, LAWD. The two worst questions in the history of working for yourself. (That and “how much money did you make last year?” which, for the record, only entitled d-bags ask.) These are the kinds of questions that can make a person do terrible, horrible things—like give up

The Trick to Writing a Bangin’ Resume, Punching Imposter Syndrome in the Mouth, and the Best New Podcast on The Block (NO, NOT MINE)

MY GOD I WANT TO SCREAM. Not really, I don’t scream, not unless someone tags me in a photograph from 1996, in which case I always scream, because how exciting to find little pieces of yourself in other people’s pockets? (Maybe that’s why I wrote a book—so you’ll stick me down your pants!) (Ugh, on second thought, it’s sweaty here in Costa Rica…I don’t want to be down anybody’s pants.) The real reason I want to scream, however, is because