ConvertKit is the BEST Newsletter Tool for Creators— And Here’s the (Surprising) Reason Why

SOUND THE ALARM 🚨🚨🚨—the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived!

No, I’m not talking about the moment in which I finally accepted the fact that my stomach pooch is never, ever going away (thanks, Italian grandma!), but rather, the moment where your wildest email marketing dreams have suddenly just materialized in front of your eyes and all you can see are big, voluptuous, happy readers bobbing around a river with signs that say “I love this bitch’s email list! I love this bitch’s email list!”

God, I hope you have a weird dream about that tonight.

ANYWAY! This email serves two raison d'êtres:

  1. The first is to tell you about a life-changing feature for your email marketing game 🔥
  2. And the second part to show you how I’ve implemented it—and how we’re going to be lighting up the whiskey barrel around here this year! (That’s what I call the internet.)

So, let’s back up.

You know about email marketing, right? You know how it’s the baby lamb chop of all online marketing? (Absolutely just linked to my latest travel piece, where I talk alllll about eating livestock infants. #yawelcome)

And you also know that one of the uphill battles with email marketing is not losing subscribers???? (At least, not faster than you gain them.)

And you know how sometimes you’re like, ohhhhh, but my target audience is this….but they are ALSO this? And how can I speak to both?

Well, well, well, my friend: PROBLEM OFFICIALLY SOLVED. ✅

ConvertKit* just released a sick new subscriber preferences feature that lets your audience self-select which kind of content they want from you. You know, like the fancy big companies? So your subscribers can mark their interests and only receive emails about those interests—instead of unsubscribing altogether?

*Denotes affiliate link—this product has been independently selected by moi, but The Middle Finger Project will earn a hell-yeah commission if you buy

Jjpehoehgiwehoigwhgwehphqhigwihgw—that is how excited I am about this new product feature.

Especially because it’s also a great way to let overwhelmed subscribers select “weekly digest only”—this way, you can keep ya bond, even during moments of inbox overwhelm. 🙉

(You know, because sometimes people go through those moments in their inbox when they are just DONE. And they start a mass unsubscribe spree. Even if they really like you. Even if you are a good person! EVEN IF YOU FLOSS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Better to let them have control over their delivery instead of giving them no choice but “opt the hell out.”)

So, you want to see how I’m implementing this?

Great, because it’s actually for YOU.

Behold: your all-new subscriber preferences for The Middle Finger Project newsletter—and a brand-new schedule for 2022! (Haha, it’s already April, but whatever. It still feels like the year is just starting, right?!)

This is what the subscriber preferences page now looks like in Convert Kit—and you can set this up for your subscribers, too!

So for our purposes—if you're a subscriber of The Middle Finger Project, anyway—you can get to this page by clicking “Change Delivery Preferences” at the bottom of my emails, where you can self-select the newsletters you want from me this year. 🎉

As you can see, I’ll be sending according to this fun-filled schedule:

On Mondays we discuss strategy, creator ideas & confidence.

On Wednesdays we talk tools, tips & practical how-to. (That’s today.)

On Fridays, we showcase creators who are killlllin' it. (Because you can't want what you haven't seen.)

And on Sundays, we bake brie and eat the shit out of it. 🤷‍♀️

Just kidding, we rest on Sundays and catch up on as many episodes of Outlander as possible. (The brie is still invited.)

Cool, right?


Very excited for this product update, especially because Convert Kit is making it dead simple to send out sophisticated newsletters that make it EASYYYY to be a creator. I’m using them for all of my projects now, and I have ze-ruhho regrets.

(You can also set up paid newsletters, too, and as a hint: I might have a top-secret one coming down the pike that’s all about one thing, and one thing only…making money as a creator. 🤑 You’ve been warned!)

Okay, fam. Have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you again on Friday for our first segment where I’m highlighting a creator kicking ass and showing you exactly what they’re doing right…so you can replicate the sh*t out of that magic. Make sure you're subscribed.


(My favorite kind of people.)



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