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How to Start a Revolution (Or 3 Ways to Change the World)

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See that baby face up there?  That's my friend Karol–pronounced like Carl–who is a writer, traveler, & all around adventure-seeking bad ass over at Ridiculously Extraordinary.  Right now he's living in Poland, but before that he was downing noodles in Thailand, dodging kangaroos in Australia, and doing the zen thing in India, to name a few.  Today is a big day for him–it's the launch of his latest book, How to Live Anywhere, where he details exactly the various methods he uses to earn money online in order to fund his travels and, essentially, gain the freedom that we all crave.

In order to help him spread the word, I begged and I pleaded and did everything short of propose marriage if he would be so kind as to grace us with a guest post.  Fortunately, Karol was more than happy to, and even more fortunately, I didn't actually have to propose marriage because, after all, what if he had said yes?  Though, I suppose on the bright side, since money bags over here is doing so well with his online projects, he could have taken us on a wicked honeymoon–with a butler, even, I bet.

My two favorite quotes from his book:

1.  “The balance between recklessness and frightened paralysis too often strays to the side of paralysis. Do your homework, but don’t let fear keep you from realizing your dream.”

2.   “You need to start thinking about what you're going to do before you get the money or else your life will only revolve around the money.”


So, if you're in the market for a layout of action steps that you can take in order to start making money online & be able to go on wild and crazy adventures around the world, I'd strongly encourage you to check out his book here:

And now without further ado, I bring you the one and only, Karol Gadja.  I can't pronounce his last name, either, so don't worry.


How to Start a Revolution (Or 3 Ways to Change the World)

I read Ash's work because she's starting a revolution and it's fun to watch.  Maybe you'd like to start a revolution and change the world as well.  I hope so.  We need more revolutionaries.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty revolutionary world-changing bad-assery we've got to figure out how to change the world.

To change the world, you first have to define your world.  Once you've defined your world, you rule your world and anything goes.

I have regular conversations with people who have seemingly big dreams and big goals. World changing goals like ending poverty and AIDS.

Here's the problem:  Those goals are admirable, but unapproachable.  They're so far out of grasp that they're almost not real.  Like a beauty pageant contestant who says she wants to end world hunger.  Be honest with yourself.  Choose big goals that you can take action towards accomplishing right now.

Make your world smaller and then you can instigate real change.

For example, instead of eliminating world poverty, how about helping just one family in need?

Back when I lived in Orlando, FL I belonged to an entrepreneurial organization for a short while. Every holiday season they would somehow, some way, find a family that was struggling and proceed to rock there world. How? Food, gifts for the kids, cash, clothes. Each member of the club would bring something to the table. When all 50 of us came together with something small we managed to change the world.

Yes, it was a small world, but it was a powerful change none-the-less.

I'm not saying you should do exactly that, but once you've defined your world you give yourself an immense amount of power to


Now, 3 ways to start a revolution and change the world (your world):

1) Start A Blog: Write The Revolution

Simple. Get a Web host that has 1-click install of WordPress (most Web hosts do nowadays) and write your revolution. If you've already got revolutionary ideas to write about, great! If you think you're just normal and can't change the world, you're wrong.

Seriously, you are unique. There is something fantastic inside you that the world needs to know about. Tell us. Share. Revolutionize!

Like I mentioned earlier we need more awesome people to spread their awesome ideas.  The Middle Finger Project is about rebelling against mediocrity. Go! Kick ass! Inspire others to kick ass!

2) Engage In Long Term Travel: Encounter The Revolution

This isn't about getting holier-than-thou or pretentious.  It's like this: Travel teaches you to respect people. Travel forces you to make bold actions.  Travel allows you to face your fears and come out on top.  OK, sometimes you'll fall flat on your ass, but you'll learn how to deal with that as well.

And I don't mean travel as in going to Paris for a week or taking a 3 day holiday to the beach.  That's fun too!  But I mean traveling by getting down and dirty.  Extending yourself.  Getting out of your comfort zone.  Leave for a month, 2 months, 6 months, 3 years!

I get e-mails every day from people who wish they could live in a new countries and experience new cultures.

My response is always:  You can!

Not only do we need more bad asses spreading their ideas via written form, but we also need you spreading your ideas live, face-to-face with people in every city and country on this big blue ball.

3) Start A Business: Enable The Revolution

It's more difficult to start a revolution while you're living life at a day job. It's not necessarily easy to get rid of a day job and

change the world, but since when was being a revolutionary supposed to be easy?

What I can tell you is that freeing up your heart, mind, and time from a day job is worth it.  I've worked for myself for 10 years, and every day that I wake up I'm more inspired to initiate change in my world than the day before.  The passion grows consistently.  In another 10 years I might just explode. (Thankfully, science is on my side, and that is unlikely.)

Starting a business that allows you the freedom to do what you want enables you the freedom to change the world.


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