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If You’re Making Less Than $300,000, WE NEED TO TALK

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$300,000 sounds like a big fucking number, doesn't it?

But I have to tell you, that with the tools we have nowadays with the Internet, there's almost no reason why you shouldn't / can't be making this in your business—WHICH SOUNDS LIKE A POMPOUS THING TO SAY, I REALIZE, BUT AT THE SAME TIME, #TOUGHLOVE + #TOUGHSHIT + #ENCOURAGEMENTFORTHEWIN.

(If you are making more than $300,000, fuck you on behalf of everyone who hates you. Not me, though. I would never hate you. #MONEYFORTHEWIN.)

Anyway, if you're not doing that kind of money, or you want to make more but can't seem to get there, there's a reason why, and it probably means that you need to pivot.

Pivot your message.
Pivot your angle.
Pivot your pricing.
Pivot your entire business.

Because it's really easy to sit there and be like WHYYYYYY???? Why isn't it WORKKKINGGGG? Why is no one BUYYYINNGGGG? I hate ALL THE THINGGGGSSS!

Oh my God it's so easy to fall into a pit of despair and convince yourself that you are actual shit and this is just proof and the rest of the world thinks you're dumb and that's clearly why you're not having as much success as the rest of all the other big fancy fucking bloggers, etc. (Listen, I don't mean to call myself a “fancy fucking blogger” like a real pompous asshat, but I'm going to anyway because I hit $300,000 eleventy bajillion years ago before Netflix was even a thing and that's not because I'm smart it's because I learned how to use the Internet like a wise little grasshopper, and if I can do it, YOU CAN, TOO.)

Instead of chanting along the lyrics to “You Must Whip It,” we need to sing, “You Must Pivot,” and I really wish this song existed because I would absolutely link up to it here.

Do you know how many times I've tested, experimented, tweaked, changed, re-aligned? It's an ongoing part of the process.

And it must be done when you're getting less than optimal results.

SO ANYWAY, there's an entire (free!) online panel I'm on that's happening right now, on this very topic called (ready?) THE PIVOT ASSEMBLY. It's a collection of online video-streamed advice given from some of the top career and business experts who have created their own paths using the Internet, and I HAPPEN TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, YO.

I'm not on until Friday, but you should go register yourself for free right now and just tune in for free when you can today. This is a meccaaaaa for business owners who want to ante up, level up, and change it the fuck UP. (There's a track specifically for entrepreneurship.)

By the way, there's also a special deal, for the next three days only, while the live panel is taking place, to get $2,698 of online business how-to for just $97. You don't have to buy it, but you probably should, because one of my products is included which costs $97 in and of itself, and life is too short to leave literal and actual hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Because, gross.

Go creep around inside the Pivot Assembly today, for free—because, dude, making big money is magical and I will never, ever apologize for saying that.




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