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No, I Don’t Want to Be in Your Tribe.

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“No, I don’t want to be in your tribe. I’m not your minion, and I’m not a cow.” -@ateegarden on Twitter.

The internet popularized the concept of “finding your tribe,” and while Seth Godin’s book by the same name is right on the money, the term itself has become cliché, stale, trite, boiler plate, and fucking offensive.

…As has everything else the internet’s talking about in its little circle jerk.

I’m tired of seeing my Twitter feed, my blog reader, and every single “newsletter” that comes into my inbox be another vomit party of #sameshitdifferentday. I’m tired of seeing yet another call to, “live your best life!” (give me a break), or “Join the tribe!”

It’s not because those things aren’t valuable in and of themselves. Do I want to live my best life? Absolutely. Do I want to feel like I belong somewhere? Yeah. Yeah, I do. We all do.

The problem is that we’ve stopped looking for creative, fresh new ways to express the value we’re bringing to the table. The problem is that people have gotten lazy. The problem is, even though they desperately want you to join their tribe (likely so they can sell you something later), they can’t come up with a more interesting, respectful, useful way to describe why anyone should actually care…nor doing anything to MAKE anyone actually care…and instead, take the sloppy way out, using whatever the buzzword of the day might be.

But you know what happens when you use the same buzzwords as everybody else?

You become just like everybody else.

And if you’re just like everybody else, then you don’t have a tribe. You’ve got a tribute.

Because real tribes?

Have real leaders. 

take the

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No, I Don’t Want to Be in Your Tribe.

“No, I don’t want to be in your tribe. I’m not your minion, and I’m not a cow.” -@ateegarden on Twitter. The internet popularized the concept of “finding your tribe,” and while Seth Godin’s book by the same name is right on the money, the term itself has become cliché, stale, trite, boiler plate, and fucking offensive. …As […]

In: Pet Peeves,


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171 thoughts on "No, I Don’t Want to Be in Your Tribe."

  1. AAAAGH! I fucking hate the word “tribe” so much – plus I’ve never been a joiner. Seriously. I just want to spread a little love – both snarky and otherwise.

    What am I over? Friggin emails that come to my inbox that end with a question and implore me to reply and then they don’t respond to my genius because I am so awesome. 😉 Unless you are Chris Brogan. He actually writes back. I’ve tried it with others. Don’t ask me to hit reply and spill my guts and then not engage. AAAAGH! I said “engage”. Ugh. And unless you are slapping. Huge ass rock on my hand let us put “engagement” behind us.

    1. Ash Ambirge says:

      I saw “engage” as a call to action on a video the other day and wanted to personally call the man responsible and plead, “WHY? BUT WHY??????”

    2. Beth Maiden says:

      Ugh, yes. I started responding to those ‘newsletters’ too, to see who actually meant it. About three people out of something like 25 replied to me. How very ‘engaging’.

      Anyway my subscription list got s shedload shorter so THAT was awesome.

  2. Amy M. Carbone says:

    Honestly, if I see or hear “kick-ass” one more time I’m going to have to kick some ass! 🙂

    1. Ash Ambirge says:

      “Kick ass” is the bane of my existence. YOU ARE NOT ALONE @amymcarbone:disqus.

      1. Amy M. Carbone says:

        <3 u, Ash!

    2. Beth Maiden says:

      Ah, um, er…

      I do kinda like ‘kick-ass’


  3. Amy says:

    Thank you Ash!! So glad to know my inner spew fest is real and felt by others! We have just had a new Ops Manager come on board in our business , who likes to call himself the Tribal Elder …we the minions are now referred to the tribe and Head Office has undergone some pseudo magical indiginous initiation . So now it’s a case of ” who the fuck do I call for I.T problems! the Rainmaker or the High Priestess??????…shit or the Medicine Woman???!! I’ m about to go burn someone’s face of with a smudge stick! “

    1. Ash Ambirge says:

      Did that really happen @Amy? I’m shuddering.

    2. Karen J says:

      oh my Gods and Goddesses and Little Fishies, Amy!
      I’d have to hurl on his shoes!

  4. Fiona says:

    Dearest Ash, love this post, it spoke to the heart of my inner barbarian, did you not know, I am a true Scots lass, my ancestors used to lift their kilts and slit their enemies throat as soon as look at them. I prefer the word Clan. Problem isn’t I couldn’t find enough members for my blog with balls enough to fill their kilts. I descend from the MacFarlane clan, they used to call the full moon the MacFarlane Lantern because my ancestors used to creep into their enemies village while a night was full with a lit moon and steal their sheep. Upon my return to my home country I found a church with a crypt in the wall, in it was an ancient plaque with a skull and cross bones depicting the Clan MacFarlane acknowledging their lunar inspired, nefarious sheep stealing ways. I’ve never felt so proud in my whole life! To honour my clan I’ve decided to steal sheep instead of shear them too. Only metaphorically. I’ve done B-School and I’m woman enough to not admit the other ways I’ve been sheared lately. Suffice to say,FUCKIT. I’m gonna be charging whole numbers from now on. I’m sick of $197, $297 etc. I’m an even number kinda lass, you either wanna pay whole numbers or you don’t. I don’t give a toss if you are in my tribe,clan, whatever. If you ain’t smart enough to pay the $3 extra bucks I’m worth I’m probably just gonna be putting your manure on my garden anyway. Truly, love your work. A breath of fresh air. Love your guts. The world needs more you.

    1. Ash Ambirge says:

      To the MacFarlane clan, @Fiona! You know every time I see a sheep I’m going to think of you, right? And then maybe be inspired to steal something. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?


      P.S. For an introductory overview on why you see $97 instead of the full $100, read this: I get what you’re saying though, F. 100%.