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[NOW OPEN!] Register Now for B-School and Get a Private, 60-Minute Call With Me

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…I realllllly want to make a joke about B-School opening its legs, but I will refrain from being ever-so-classy.

Instead, I will tell you, in equally classy big, caps letters, THAT AS OF 10AM EST THIS MORNING, B-SCHOOL IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! Which either means you’re rushing to register, or you’re about to kill yourself. It’s one or the other. (B-School season has that effect on people.)

I do hope, however, that you ARE rushing to register, because guess what?! (Surprise, #3!)

  1. This is THE gold-standard if you are a Regular Person who wants to become an Internet Person and start a real, profitable business online.
  2. B-School is the difference between someone who makes a full-time living online and someone who means well but…doesn’t. (Like I said yesterday, if you want to become a sommelier, you need training. And the same goes for understanding how to run, organize and profit from an online business the right way.)
  3. And here’s the really important news! ***If you get your sassy self over there to register by clicking this link before 10am on Thursday, February 21st, and then forward me your receipt to with the subject line “B-SCHOOL RECEIPT”? I’m going to send you a very special, top secret calendar link for you to lock in a time for you and I to get on the phone together during the month of MAY, as soon as you’ve finished B-School, and spend 60 glorious minutes together jamming on whatever you want my advice on. Online business. Copywriting. Email marketing. Selling. Clients. Cash. Love. Hustle. It’s all fair game. You get priority scheduling, and a full sixty minutes of Ambirge tough love. [As a partner of B-School, I’ll get a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you buy through The Middle Finger Project, which is why it makes sense to do this for both you and me. Hooray!)
  4. Can’t register today or tomorrow but still want in? Don’t worry, I've got your back! All B-School students who register as gangster / die-hard members of The Middle Finger Project pack after Thursday at 10am, but before registration closes (by clicking here and signing up – that part's important so it's credited to you) will receive an equally special link to book 30 minutes of glorious jam time together, during the month of JUNE. So, you’ll have to wait a little longer, and time is shorter, but we will still have the BEST time chatting all things business, life and hustle.
  5. P.S. I do not offer consulting anymore, so this truly is a fun-loving, private offer you can only get through B-School. The last time I did offer consulting, however, my rate was $500 for the hour. I am so excited to talk to you! (I’m an excitable person. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.)
  6. Questions? Read the giant FAQ here, see about a trillion B-School reviews from past students here, and if you still have a Q, shoot that bad boy over and the team will get you an answer right away!

I love you and I adore you and I really hope this helps you.

Love, Vodka & The Good Hustle,


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In: Hate Your Job?


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