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If You’re Nervous About Pulling the Trigger, Clap Your Handsssss!

In: Confidence, Creating, Success

There seems to be this idea that you should be ready for stuff before you do it.

You should do your research. Come fully prepared. Think ahead. Not get taken by surprise.

While that might be practical advice when you’re presenting an 8th grade science project, or pitching your boss an idea, or trying anal for the first time—SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT—it’s the farthest thing from practical in a modern world of entrepreneurship.

The assumption behind the “plan ahead” model is that you can actually plan ahead. But when you’re in business for yourself, the most valuable person in the room is not someone who’s thought good and hard about how to do business.

It’s the person who’s out there doing it.

Experience always trumps exposition.







*Someone should tell Donald.

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