4 Ways to Become Unf*ckwithable

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How is it August 17th?! 🗓️ 😱


#PROTIP: Naps. 💤 <— This is what happens when you get old.


"How do you make money form a #blog / social media / your grandmother's @YouTube channel?" {New at TMF}… https://t.co/RcSDxq2plS


The first four hours of your day = the magic window. Work on your most important project then OR WATCH YOUR BRAIN GO UP IN SMOKE. ✍🏻


You know you're an entrepreneur when you get done doing high-level intellectual tasks & then immediately Google "chicken quesadilla recipe."


I have the best team everrrrr. #Protip: Hire people who are good the things you suck at—NOT people who are good at what you do.

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Good Work Should Never Come Easy

Do the work the hard way first. Do it the long way, the tedious way, the time-consuming way. Do it until your brain aches and your fingers bleed. Do it until you are sure that you have never done better work before in your life. Now, hand it to the client. The work should never, […]

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“How Do You Make Money From a Blog / Social Media / Your Grandmother’s YouTube Channel?!”

People ask me this cute shit ALL DAY LONG. It’s a very confusing topic, I suspect, because many folks assume that you are throwing up advertising banners from 1998, rockin’ those Google AdSense clicks like nobody’s business. To be fair, that is a thing—I’ve strategized with one company in particular doing 3-4 million every month in […]

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The unf*ckwithable woman gives the finger to convention.

She prefers to make a fool out of herself, rather than flock with fools by default. She is stubborn. She is extreme. She's illogical, by most standards. But that's exactly the point: most standards aren't hers to begin with.
Why borrow someone else's when you can create your own?

become unf*ckwithable

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it starts with believing

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