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Overwhelm & Defeat

Jul 28


What Does It Mean to Take Care of Yourself, Right Now?

Jul 28, 2018

A question I ask myself often: What does it mean to take care of myself right now? It’s FREAKING TERRIFYING how much we do on autopilot. We order the second glass of wine. Stay to be polite. Agree to help! HELPING EVERYBODY! Eat what everybody else is having because you don’t want to make a fuss. Let them talk and talk and […]

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Oct 10


Calling All of My Flakes, My Quitters, My Commitment Clunkers: The Secret to Finishing What You Started Is NOT Patience. (So You Can Tell All Of Those “Have Patience” Hoodlums to Kiss It.)

Oct 10, 2017

You know who I personally have it out for? People who tell you to have patience. “Have patience, my dear,” they say—and then they always tack that goddamn “my dear” onto the end, as if they’ve suddenly transformed into a card-carrying ninety-year-old wizard. There’s no faster way to bring my lack of patience from a […]

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Nov 3


23 Phrases Every Stressed Out, Strung Out, Well-Meaning (Yet Irritable) Business Owner Needs to Memorize TODAY.

Nov 3, 2014

Being able to elegantly SAY WHAT YOU MEAN isn’t always an easy task— —particularly when you’re too busy for petty sh*t like showers, your stress hormones are being IV dripped into your veins at the rate of a class five river rapid, your head is doing Beetlejuice-style 360s as you juggle fourteen and a half clients (and their really cute idiosyncrasies—wink), […]

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Sep 24


When You’re Having Buckets of Sh*t Dumped On You Left & Right

Sep 24, 2014

Once upon a time, you were young and inspired, and you knew things about the world. Things like peanut butter tastes better without jelly (fact), the height of a girl’s ponytail likely matches her socio-economic class, and best friends forever means forever, because anything that’s engraved into a half heart necklace is a SERIOUS COMMITMENT. […]

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Aug 13


Are You Running a Business…Or Running Yourself Into the Ground?

Aug 13, 2014

I have a couple of friends who are working themselves to the bone. Like, physically, their fucking fingers are falling off. They’re designers and writers; coaches and service providers, and they are doing whatever it takes to make it work. Unfortunately, “whatever it takes” often includes: »  Taking on one hundred little small jobs all […]

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