The Magic Message Bootcamp x Ukraine—NOW OPEN


We have a long-time Middle Finger Project reader, Lisa, who is currently in western Ukraine, having made the decision to stay and help local families fleeing from the east. See email below:

As soon as I got the email, I remembered that her and I had chatted in August of last year about her enjoying life in western Ukraine. 🤯

So, of course, when I got Lisa’s email about her family’s brave decision to stay in western Ukraine to assist hundreds of other families, I immediately responded, asking where we could send funds / help / anything. She continued on telling me the following, including brave stories happening from the front lines:


Here’s what we’re doing:

I’m running a special ‘Magic Message Bootcamp x Ukraine’ launch, ahead of its regular launch schedule, and for every sale will be donating $95 directly to Lisa’s group & and the Ukrainian families she’s helping to extract, feed, house, and protect through Sunday, March 13th, 2022.

The Magic Message Bootcamp is my #1 most requested course, helping you to take a mouthful of jargon-y, rambly goop and (finally!) find a clear message, package your work into a big idea, and use it to create a killer brand with amazing copy that makes people want to lick your brand. (And your checkout pages, ahem.)

I offer this through my Meat & Hair creative writing company, and It. Is. Awesome.

“This was my one best purchase this year.” —Interpreter & Communications Consultant Julia Poger

“You gave me something I needed more than copywriting: the missing BIGGER picture. My business concept is finally CLEEEEARRRRR!!!!!! And I couldn't have done that without you. I'm clinging on to dear life with anything you do in the future, Ash!” —Jewelry designer Sarah Riordan

“I just wanted to say simply…with my whole heart…THANK YOU! This was hands-down the best investment I've ever made. I am so stinking in love with my new website copy and I've got you to thank…not only for breathing new life into my writing…but breathing new life into me.” —Life Coach Ash De Filippis

“Hands down the best business class I have ever taken.” —Scrubz Skincare CEO Roberta Perry

So, if….

  • Your “15-second pitch” sounds more like a 10-minute long ramble of doom…
  • You don’t exactly know what your message is…
  • Everything you try to write sounds like a big, meandering, long-winded digression…
  • You have no idea how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace…
  • You don’t have a lot of experience so you feel like an imposter…
  • You worry you aren’t original enough to get noticed 😵‍💫…(Like, how different are you REALLY, you think.)
  • You’re totally overwhelmed by perfection paralysis and it’s preventing you from moving forward…
  • And you’d rather eat giant, hairy cockroaches than read your own bio aloud…

Then, PLEASE enroll in The Magic Message Bootcamp today for a reduced self-study rate—and your purchase will:

  1. Help you (finally!) figure out your unique, sticky, memorable message that makes the whole world clamor to buy from you, feature you, interview you, and follow you. NO MORE CONFUSED RAMBLING. No more waffling blubber. 🥴 No more losing faith in your business because you don’t know how to talk about your business.
  2. PLUS, for every sale, I’ll donate $95 directly to aid our contacts on the ground in western Ukraine, who is currently helping to house, feed, and care for fleeing families in real-time.

Here are a few photos Lisa sent of the children they are currently housing (the first photo is her husband comforting a little girl):

Get a fresh new message this year & fall in love with your idea again—and help real families right now via our on-the-ground network in Ukraine.

Here’s the page to purchase.



P.S. If you prefer, you can also donate to Lisa & her humanitarian group directly here: You will receive a receipt and lots of gratitude.



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