Contracts for Freelancers Who Want to Get Legit #HOORAH

  • The Unf*ckithable Client Services Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Independent Contractor Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Participant Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Joint Venture Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Affiliate Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Settlement Agreement
  • The Unf*ckwithable Terms & Conditions
  • The Unf*ckwithable Privacy Policy
  • trademarks, business formation, business expenses, taxes, and what to do if someone steals your content! (GRRRRRRRR.)

Created by (and used by!) Ash Ambirge, award-winning small business writer, author represented by Writer's House NYC & founder of The Middle Finger Project®.

There are Three Things That Will Ruin Your Life Fast: Bad Sex, Bad Shellfish, and Bad Clients. (Especially if they never signed a contract). 

You probably haven't been worried about stuffy formalities like contracts, because, I mean, THIS IS 2018 AND EVERYONE IS COOL ON THE INTERNET. But sending off a Paypal invoice isn't enough when:

  • Your client wants a refund—after you've already put in 40 hours worth of work
  • Your client just stops paying your invoices and goes MIA 
  • Your client keeps asking you to do things outside the scope
  • They argue that you agreed to do X, Y or Z; you don't remember it that way
  • You want to terminate a client relationship midway through—but have no idea how
  • Something goes wrong...and then they claim you owe them money in lost time & profits
  • A client gets upset and decides to file a legal claim against your business <insert panic here> 

And What About Customers Enrolling in Your Online Course? Buying Your Program? Downloading Your eBook? Purchasing Your Digital Product? 

You've probably considered creating a digital product, workshop, program, course, eBook, or downloadable something (very good choice), in which case you still need to have an ironclad contract in place. (Plus a Privacy Policy, which is actually the law in the United States.) But you're clearly not going to send every customer on the Internet an agreement like the one you might send a client. So how do you protect yourself?

  • What do you do if they download everything and then immediately request a refund? 
  • What if someone takes your advice and then gets themselves into trouble—and wants to blame you?
  • What if they take your materials and copy them—and then start sharing them, using them as "inspiration," selling them under a different name, or on the actual internet black market for half the price, which is absolutely a thing?  

And What About All of the Other Legal Must-Have That You Need to Run an Online Business By Law?  

  • Can you just name your business or your product anything you want? (Hint: that's definitely a big, fat no).
  • Are you accidentally "commingling funds" by mixing your business money and your personal money? (You will get CRUSHED.)
  • Do you need to formally register your business with the state or the country, orrrrr.....? 
  • Should I be saving for taxes, and, like, how much? (The answer: depends on one very important thing).
  • What things are considered business expenses, anyway and how do I write these off? (Psst, your home office counts.)
  • What if I want to hire someone? Do I need an agreement for them? (YES, YOU DO.) 
  • What if I team up with someone to co-run an event, or co-create a workshop, or co-offer a service? (A well-thought-out contract is a must.)  

A modern, foolproof collection of lawyer-drafted contracts and agreements for digital #freelancers + online #entrepreneurs

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The Unf*ckwithable Contract Collection

And ALSO...

Business Names & Trademarks

  • Trademarks 101—Because You Do Not Want to Accidentally Commit Trademark Infringement  
  • I Have a Name—Now What? How to Protect Your Own Name So No One Else Can Just Come Along & Steal It  
  • I Don’t Have Any Name Ideas—How Can I Come Up with Something Memorable, Catchy, Creative...and Not Taken?  
  • The Unf*ckwithable Ten: A Clever Namestorming Exercise  

Sole Proprietor? LLC? S-Corp? Taxes? Money?  

  • War, Taxes & Other Disgusting (But Necessary) Things
  • Should I Be a...Sole Proprietorship?  
  • Should I Be an...LLC?  
  • Should I Be an...S-Corp?  
  • How Do I Choose Between ALL THE THINGS?  
  • Keep Your Business Expenses Separate or DIE  
  • Deduct That! (But Not That. Definitely Not That.)  

Selling Digital Products On the Internet—The Legit Way

  • Everything You Need to Know to Cover Your Butt When Selling Digital Products Like eBooks, Courses, and Online Programs (So You Don't Get Sued) 
  • Creating a Bulletproof Refund Policy for Your Digital Products (So You Don't Get Taken Advantage Of) 
  • The Most Important Thing You Need to Have on Your Website if You're Doing Business Online (So You Don't Get in Legal Trouble!) 
  • Step-By-Step Instructions for Exactly What to Do If / When Someone Steals Your Content / Copies Your Ebook / Copy and Pastes Your Program
  • Extra Precautions + Tips to Keep You Bulletproof—and Unf*ckwithable—in Online Business  

Because when you feel legit in business, it shows.

This kit was produced with love and spitfire for the underdog.

Trust everyone, but always cut the cards.

  • 8 (eight) attorney-drafted contract templates for online business—delivered in Word and Pages files (COST TO HAVE DONE: $10,000+)
  • 1 (one) set of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy ($4,000+)
  • 6 (six) formal letter templates—including firing contractors & filing notice to those who steal your content (COST: $10,000+)
  • 146 (one-hundred forty six) gorgeously designed PDF tutorials to place in your new "LEGAL & PROPER" folder for easy, anytime reference—with a helpful index & cliffnotes for "what did that mean again?" anytime your client asks (COST: $2,000 for design)
  • TOTAL VALUE (*not inflated): $26,000+ USD

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