1. What even is this place?

Oh, you’re in for a liquor-filled chocolate treat. This is the hotspot for anyone striking out on their own, growing a business or venture, and looking for fresh, interesting ways to make anybody care.  The word “newsletter” is officially banned, and we throw banana peels at terrible internet marketing fads like “download my eBook.” Because nobody wants your free goodies, unless you’re Ciara or Petey Pablo, and even then.


2. Why am I even here?

Fucking Facebook, probably. Ooh, or karma. Just kidding, probably Facebook.


3. Why is it called The Middle Finger Project?

Because we’re in the business of shunning cliché, overused language, business practices and lifestyle choices, in favor of originality, happiness & doing what feels good for you. Also, ‘no rules, just right’ was taken by Outback Steakhouse.


4. What kind of company actually names their blog The Middle Finger Project?

The kind called House of Moxie, Inc. on paper. Clearly we had to live up to our name. (P.S. House of Moxie is a creative copywriting company that apparently took a few liberties with this brand, eh?)


5. Do you like kids?

Yes, but only if they’re adults.


6. What if I don’t have a business or anything like that? Why should I stick around?

Spoiler alert: We write a lot about when you’re not at all excited by anything in life anymore except burritos, and even developed a step-by-step, 30 day course called “You Don’t Need a Job, You Need Guts.”


7. I’m thinking about starting a small business–where’s the best place to start?

Ooh, come ride with me (said like the owner of a magic carpet, not like the owner of an unmarked white van). This over here plus this will get you exactly where you need to be.


8. I already have a business and need help marketing it–where’s the best place to start?

You ask really great questions. Clickety clack over here and jump down this glorious marketing rabbit hole of success and riches. (It’s a section of our blog–calm down.)


9. Do you only like olives when they’re drowned in vodka?

Do YOU only like celery when it’s doing laps in a Bloody Mary?


10. Can I take one of you ladies on a date?

Mom always told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I was 7, so I was like, “HORSES?! AWESOME!” So what I’m saying is yes. Maybe. Definitely. Maybe.


11. Are you currently accepting copywriting clients?

Word up! Check out Word Lipstick.


12. Are you currently accepting private consulting clients?

You bet your sweet bippy! Head here to book.


13. Will you read my love letter to my long lost Cuban boyfriend and tell me what you think?

No, but he can send us some cigars if he wants.


14. How else can I access your brain?

A fun, footloose and fancy-free way to tap into the TMF brainchild is by getting e-mentored by Ash for free by putting your email into the big box at the bottom of the website. You’ll get two new ideas weekly on marketing yourself in original ways (and shunning the sea of sameness) and spoonfuls of success sugar that will change the way you do business, and give you a leg up, (a long leg up, that is), on your competition. Also, check out one of our newest projects, LOVE, BUSINESS OWNER, designed to help small business owners connect with other small business owners and get advice (and over 300+ business script templates House of Moxie created especially for you.)


15. Yellow mustard or brown?

Wrong: DIJON.


16. Does the shoe ever fit?

Ask Cinderelli.


17. Why is everything on your website so big?

That’s what she said.


18. You swear too much. Do I need to love swearing to love it here?

Hell no. Crap. I mean seriously, no. We just are colorful humans who use colorful language because sometimes people need to wake up and pay attention. (I think that last bit is a line from Sister Act 2. You’re welcome)


19. Where is your team located?

We’re all over. Ash, the founder (and voice of the blog) is from Philadelphia but lives seasonally abroad in Costa Rica & Chile – though she travels year round. (She likes the thrill of frequent flier miles.) Jess is House of Moxie’s lead creative, located in Colorado. Sharon & Liz, our lead designers, are located in Philly. And everyone else that regularly works with the House of Moxie team, from lawyers to accountants to web developers and other writers, are located all over the globe. You can just call us the United (Creative) Nations.


20. How do you guys work so well together remotely?

A lot of booze. No, really. Ash sends all newcomers to the team a decanter that reads: TMFproject Writer’s Elixir. Also: A lot of communication. And a lot of Basecamp. (Ash’s favorite line is: I’ll put that in the Basecamp!)


21. Did you make Ash a birthday video?

Why, yes we did. How about those dance moves and facial hair? (The two secret keys to success.)


22. If you could only give one piece of advice, what would you say?

Don’t listen to anybody. Everybody is scared. Which is actually a Jay-Z lyric, so there’s that.


23. Is there a place I can go to read a back log of all your posts?

Pour yourself some scotch and crank open the dreaming part of your brain. Aaaaand go.


24. What if I want you to write for me? Can I get on a list to be notified when you’re taking clients again?

You’re cute and we like you. Email Jess at


25. What’s your favorite word?

Hippopotamus. I mean, just read it out loud. Isn’t it your favorite word?


26. Why do you like marketing & sales so much?

Why do you ask so many questions? But really, because it involves fascinating human behavior and, let’s be honest: People are finding you. They just don’t care.


27. Where do you get your creative ideas?

From always asking, “What if?”


28. Any tips on creativity?

Drink more. Say yes more. Maybe not both at once though, okay?


29. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Uh, he can chuck wood, so the joke is on you guys.


30. What now?

You can read Ash’s story here. Disclaimer: No innocent sombreros were harmed in the making of this story.


31. Where else can I stalk you? Is stalking legal?

Stalking is not legal, so let’s not call it stalking. Let’s call it researching.