This is the book you buy when you hate everything and everyone and need a BIG CHANGE.


Most people will walk this earth for decades, feeling guilty for not pursuing the great adventures inside of them, but will never do anything about it.


Most people are overwhelmed by fear, and will make some of the worst choices of their lives because of it.  Greatness evolves from trust–in yourself, in your ideas, and in your ability to know, deep down, what’s best for YOU.  We must not betray that trust, because the moment we do, we betray our own potential.


Most people will do exactly as they are told to do, won’t ever question the rules, and will believe that by doing so, they’ll get farther in life.  While this may have once been the case, in a time when assembly lines were hip, the exact opposite is true now. In the age of technology, success awaits only those who are willing to break the rules, stand out from the crowd, and be daringly, unflinchingly, unapologetically DIFFERENT.


Most people believe that there is more safety & security in a 9-5 than there is in being an entrepreneur.  Though, more and more it becomes glaringly obvious that relying on only one sole source of income is a big (and irrational) risk. Furthermore, by building your work around yourself & creating new business opportunities, rather than building yourself around your work & having to adapt to already available business opportunities, your measures of success go far beyond money. And this is always, always, ALWAYS a good thing.


Most people leave the quality of their lives up to luck & happenstance, and believe, somewhere deep down, that eventually they’ll be rescued by someone or something.  As much as I love a pristine white horse as much as the next guy, it’s crucial to remember that you’ve got to be the hero in your own story.  The damsel-in-distress role is the coward’s way of living life.


Most people want more from life–more fulfillment, more excitement, more pleasure, more peace, more self-assurance, more satisfaction, more happiness, and way more juicy stories to tell–but they’ll never get it because they let the lack of immediate know-how become an (unnecessary) obstacle.


Most people will never actually live–they’ll just think they did.

This is a step-by-step roadmap of encouragement & ideas for the ones who want to feel alive again.

For the ones who know there’s something more out there than this fatally dull routine…but aren’t sure what that is. For the ones who have been running their tongue over the back of an idea…but haven’t pulled the trigger. For the ones who are thinking about starting their own business…but need to know where to get started.

“It’s incredible Ash, there’s more actionable information, solid reasoning and wit in here than in most of the books I’ve ever read on the subject of “doing your own thang'” put together. Keep it coming!”Amy Humphries
Shockingly, you are not a hamburger. Turns out, doing hourly work in exchange for money is not a fair trade, and you can’t cruise to work in a 1950’s Chevy feeling dandy.
Job Searching (Verb)
1. Extending Your Cupped Hands and Hoping Someone Takes Mercy.
 2. Not Effective.
What if, instead of complaining your job, you went out and created one?
Jobs are risky business.
And Tom Cruise doesn’t make a special appearance at your holiday party. Ever. 
 Job security is an oxymoron. You can either have a job, or security, but never both.
Now you need a beer.
A decision making framework to help you decide what kind of business you should start.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you anything, ever again.Money isn’t hard to make.

Ignore you not.

People use the internet every day, and they when they do, they want one of four things.

When you make people feel seen, you can sell anything.

Learning how to get attention, and then learning how to thoughtfully convert that attention into a sale.

Message in a model.

It’s the sentiment that sells.

The world’s worst name for a business.

Use your words to help them see your edge.

On being impressive.
Your website is your doorstep.
Think like a publisher, not a marketer.
(Or a wanker.)
What do you do once you’ve got a website?
It’s not about talking out of your ass for the sake of talking out of your ass.
 Your best customers are the ones who think they can do it themselves.
Understanding makeup can make you money.
 Making yourself useful by design.
People are selfish. Use this to your benefit.
When people first land on your website, we don’t want them to buy. Not yet.
Emails bring all the boys to the yard.
Marketing happens every time you engage…or don’t.

Table of Contents

Everything you need to know

None of this matters if you can’t get someone to pull out their credit card, look at the screen, and whisper, “YES.”
Good thing you don’t have to do everything manually these days.
The pitbull with the perfume.
A lot of people don’t like selling because it makes them feel like assholes.
Sales funnels. Not to be confused with butt funnels.
 Mapping out an offer portfolio.
It’s never about a potholder.
 Context in selling is everything.
The anatomy of an offer.
Because yelling, “Hey, guys, here are some potholders!” is not an effective method.
Smelling blood.
AKA The art of crafting your sales page the smart way.
I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.
Unfortunately you cannot magically beam credit card payments into your account.
Getting your name out there. (Because mama ain’t got time for unprofitable.)
 You can’t sell someone something they haven’t found.
What websites want. Sort of like what women want, but less complicated.
 You win traffic by understanding this key concept.
When you draw a line in the sand, they draw a line with you.
 Or, the secret of “me, too.”
Whoever said that money is the root of all evil…clearly must not have made any.
 In order to take money, you’ve got to know how to make money.
Nice package.
Six ways to re-package & re-purpose your goods for profit.
I believe in a religion called trial & error.
Or, eight lessons I learned from royally screwing up.
Turn up your nose at “no.”
Because you don’t need a job, you need guts.
“This has surpassed my expectations. It’s gone way beyond other business COURSES that I’ve paid WAY more for. You can real, legit, non nonsense tips and advice that challenge you to go beyond “best business practices”. Even better yet, it accomplishes what most courses or workshops fail to do…it’s motivated me to take action each day and implement what I’ve learned to build a business.”
Krista Kankula

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Download immediately. Format: PDF.  218 pages.

“YNG is amazing! We’re only half way in but it has already been a crazy rollercoaster. I have gone from ”I have a super secret idea that is probably too dumb to live” to I can actually do this and I know exactly what steps to take next.

-Nina Harward

Praise & Props

“I’ve blown far more than 20 bucks on business strategy/clarity info before—which I am now considering as a damn personal felony committed against myself. Ash, this was worth every dime many times over. My copywriting game is aced up, game plan & clarity refined and visibility is 100 miles. Thanks, Ash.”

-Donna Syed

“I love it!! It is clear, funny, and intimate. I got a lot of clarity and it is very inspiring in the way it is written. Flows so well and elegantly blends charm with wit and killer information. I am half way through and I cannot wait for more.”

-Andreea Grad

“Loooovveeee iiiiittttt!  I haven’t read something so entertaining AND educational in a looooong time. You make me laugh every day. On the productive side, I’m taking notes, organizing my self, and preparing to launch. A thousand thanks.”

-Julia Demetriou

“I am loving this Ashley. Learning a ton. Concepts, yes, but ALSO very actionable steps that I can immediately sink my teeth in. Like my sales page. Thank you for putting this together.”

-Lou Blaser

“This made me ask myself the right questions, challenge me to think differently… I’m feeling now much more confident about my business ideas and how I can implement it. And when I have confidence, I have much stronger GUTS!”

-Sophia Casenave

“A fabulous read for anyone trying to sort through the mess of starting a small business, or even just throwing around the idea of starting one.”

-Lacy O’Connell

“This is amazing! The content and advice are pushing me in the best way possible to create and get my work out to the world. Everyday I am making adjustments and feeling like I’m making real progress toward new goals. Plus, the content is real, funny, and completely relatable.

-Jessica Scardina

Guts is both brilliant and clever in its approach to inspire those of us who long to leap out of our mundane, soul sapping, jobs and actually live a life that we create and manage on our own. I was damn close to making the leap before reading this, but now I’m getting ready to fly. It’s just simply fucking great stuff!”

-Julie Hewitt

“I have followed The Middle Finger Project for about 5 years now, but I never felt like I was ready to take the leap and do something about my life. That was until You Don’t Need a Job, You Need GUTS came out. I bought it the moment I saw it. Each chapter leaves me with something to think about as well as some actionable steps I can take to move towards cutting the cord that is my 9 to 5 job right now. GUTS is not overwhelming. This is the first time I’ve actually felt that starting my own business is an attainable goal. Also, even though we haven’t met, I do feel like Ash truly wants to see me succeed, which is even more motivating. I like to think of myself as a pretty gutsy person, but sometimes I need to be pointed in the right direction. I can’t wait to see where putting what I’ve learned through this program into practice takes me.”

-Marissa Garza

“It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s direct and to the point! Everything I’ve come to expect and love about you, Ash!”

-Colleen McKie

“This is pushing me to where I need to be. Thank you for this. Truly.”

-Ashleigh Johnson

Not only do I love your voice, but I love what you have to say and, more importantly, how you say it to me. You guide and I listen. You make information understandable and workable. Not only that, I love your chutzpah and energy. I’m in my early 50’s working towards a new way of life. At the moment I am at a crossroads, completely broke and a little lost. Not completely lost – I still have my sense of humour and a healthy body – so as they say in Spanish ‘menos mal’! You lead, I follow.

-Christina Brown

“I absolutely love this. Everything makes so much sense and I am either nodding my head or having brain explosions constantly! I have started to do some of the things and I already feel more legitimate.”

-Rachelle Hawkin

Great experience! I have sampled a wide variety of resources for small business owners and those who dream of being uncaged, and I am really sick and tired of being promised in a title that I will learn this or be shown that, and then the ensuing stuff is completely lacking substance. It regurgitates a few broad points that get padded with useless wordiness, and I walk away with nothing for my time. Not so with GUTS! It is packed full of actual, actionable information (thank you!) and I don’t feel overwhelmed. You are a total rock star! On a more personal note, I love the varied examples you have used in GUTS. As an artist and photographer who sells fine art prints, I have been trying to figure out how to make a living with my craft. I have had a hard time seeing how many of the small business resources apply to an artist, right up until you used an artist as an example and it hit me – I’m not selling my work, I’m selling myself (whatever it takes!). The most valuable thing I have taken away from GUTS is this – you made me believe I can do it. It finally hit me that what I have to offer is unique, and I’ve been going about this all wrong. Priceless!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Erika Lafrennie


“Great! So super motivating and knowledgeable it’s amazing! So much information in the web on how to start a site but none really say the nitty gritty. What it means to start a site the right way. I never thought marketing would pique my interest, but I’m totally into it now.”

-Lauren Barcas


“I’ll admit I’m new at this idea of starting a business online so I was looking for a little help and motivation to get started. I discovered Ashley and appreciated her no nonsense style and approach and signed up for Guts because, well, I felt like she understood and she’s already killing it in the online world. Each chapter has not only delivered encouragement and confirmed I’d like to pursue an online business, but they’ve also given me the framework I needed to get the ball rolling, ask good questions and look at my current website and methods in a whole new way.”

-Jennifer Stanton


“I look forward to reading this everyday. Guts is filled with inspiration, information, and actionable steps.”

-Amber Kane


You Don’t Need a Job, You Need GUTS is the best thing that has come into my life since I first started up my business. It has made me take a second, third and fourth look at what I’m offering, and has made me question everything I’ve been doing up until this point. It’s left me curious at moments, overwhelmed at others, and excited to read the next day’s email in my quest to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it successfully. Loving every moment of it!”

-Sarah Kelly


“Ash Ambirge is a wealth of information and I am loving absorbing her wisdom in her GUTS.”

-Patti Soroka

“Exactly what I needed to get my booty in gear.”

-Cameron Fletcher


“Ash, I love any and every thing that you produce and this is no different. Learning from you is such a pleasure. You’ve got a fan for life.”

-Shermicka Fraser


“I love Ash and her style. She is pure genius and GUTS is an awesome product. Easy to read, entertaining, very informative and very practical. I have a business and GUTS have helped me to focus and although I haven’t finished yet I have seen results already If your goal is to create FREEDOM. This is a must Thank you!!!!”

-S. Araya Burchard


“I love everything!!! OMG I woke with an inspiration hangover…thank you! #findingmygrooveagain #unapologeticlife”

-Jessica Lauren


$19 USD



Download immediately. Format: PDF.  218 pages.

“I feel like I was given EXACTLY what I needed even though I didn’t know exactly what I needed at the time of purchasing it. It’s a perfect blend of inspiration for those of us who have a (cloudy) vision and need the extra kick in the ass to actually start making things happen, mixed with really great content about HOW to do the stuff that we maybe didn’t realize we even NEEDED to do.”

-Callye Lawrence