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You Think The Stakes Are High Now? Please.

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I wonder about people.

Specifically about the 50-something woman speaking softly at the table next to me, telling another woman how she desperately wants to go abroad—because, verbatim, it would be the opportunity of a lifetime—but…

And her words trail off.


Kidding. Dramatic doesn’t look good on me.

But, really. What are all these buts holding everyone hostage? 

I want to start a business but…

I know I need to end the relationship but…

I know I should work less but…

I know should exercise more but…

I know I want to go abroad but…

I know I should invest in a pair of those ridiculous chicken breast boob cutlets but…

Everyone has their buts. 

But what happens when those buts stops becoming the exception—and start becoming the rule?

What happens when your buts don’t just prevent you from taking the opportunity of a lifetime—but become your life?

In some cases, your buts might be legitimate ones.

Kids at home. A sick parent. Physical disabilities. Crippling depression. Unrelenting diarrhea. (Gross, you guys.)

But what about the more common buts—the ones that most of us use when they convenience us most?

I don’t know how. It’s too much work. I’m not really sure. I’m being lazy. It’s scary. I’d have to wake up earlier. I might not be good at it. It might not work out. I don’t want to risk wasting my time. I’d have to save money. It’s HARD.

Are we really passing up life because IT’S A LITTLE MORE FUCKING HARD THAN LYING AROUND ALL DAY?

Every single moment IS the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you think the stakes are high now, please. If you’re worried about it being hard, about it being complicated, about it being time-consuming, about it being scary, about it being risky—those aren’t the stakes.

The stakes are your life, and every day you put off living it…

….is another day you die young. 

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87 thoughts on "You Think The Stakes Are High Now? Please."

  1. Nicola Thomas says:

    A huge fashion house asking me to design kids clothing for them.

  2. Christine says:

    My opportunity of a lifetime? Go back to southern Africa to study carnivores and work on anti-poaching efforts. Went twice and the realities (in-country and back home) deep-sixed my hopes and plan. My current BUTs: happily married (23 yrs) with a hubby who is locked into his job for at least another 8 yrs (we need the retirement and the heath care); no $$; out-of-date connections; out-of-date degree; mid-50s; lots of adored pets to take care of; going in too many directions trying to make some kind of income; just worn out after about 18 years of freelance writing and independent contract work trying to make dreams realities.

    1. Christine, that sounds incredible. Like. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The buts are deadly. (Not to be confused with deadly butts), BUT I know you can make this work.

  3. Ironically I have found an opportunity that I am excited, nervous and determined to see where it leads to…I have a job at the mall!!!

    Don’t laugh…I work at one of those kiosks that sell cell phone cases and do repairs. Yeah, it might seem like a nothing job but that’s where you would be DEAD WRONG!! For two years I TRIED to volunteer at local cell phone repair shops, looked for training facilities to learn and found nothing, no response. My other half leads me to the last place on earth I would ever think of going to (mostly because i didn’t know anything about it) and the first place I seriously ask about a job in the mall HIRES me! Pays me for the day i interviewed (I sold some cases) and they are excited about teaching me to do repairs! Plus, (yes it gets better) I’ve found where I could go to get the training on my own (there was a location in the city i just left *shaking my head in confusion*) and to top it off there is a forensics class for data recovery so I could work for law enforcement if I really want. The idea is to get a mini-bus and have a mobile repair store but first I have stuff to learn.

    The point is for the past few days I’ve been frightened that I was going to fail…it’s been a rough start (but I am pretty unreasonable on myself expectation wise) and then here comes the afternoon quickie. I don’t always get to read them on time or even every time but this one was like the wisdom of the Gods …right on time 🙂

    1. Pffft, I think that’s FANTASTIC!