Well this is awkward.

The Middle Finger Project

is this big, bold, irreverent name and here I am, Ash, the founder–a polite woman in pearls who never actually gives the finger. (Unless it’s snowing, in which case, you’re allowed to give the finger all you want.) Is this hypocritical? I can’t decide. But there are only two solutions:

1. I should either start giving the finger more. (Does it count if I’m wearing mittens?)

2. Or, I should explain why it’s called The Middle Finger Project in the first place.

Maybe I’ll do both.

You see, The Middle Finger Project was a platform started in 2009, back when our armpits were all a little less saggy, and at a time when it seemed the world was scared to death.

Scared of a recession. Scared of losing their job. Scared of spending money. Scared of screwing  up everything.

Not only did I notice that fewer men were buying me drinks, I also noticed that more people were backing down from living. I had started my first copywriting agency in the year 2006, and over the years, friends would comment: How do you do it? I admire you so much. I wish I had the guts to do something like that. (For the record, they mostly admired me for my razored bob and ability to mainline hot sauce, but that’s not either here nor there.)

And so, at a time when most of the world was going into hiding, I was coming out of it. I began my own business because I couldn’t stand the idea of only having two weeks a year to travel, to explore, to laugh, to do something with myself. And that’s precisely what I did.

London. Paris. Barcelona.
Ecuador. Chile. Argentina.
Costa Rica. Nicaragua. Guatemala.
…and plenty of places in between.

I’ve been exploring & living in different places around the world (currently in Costa Rica, where I have a seasonal home), all as I continued to build my copywriting agency, and then many other businesses and brands – and making more money than I had ever made in my life, into my first 7 figures. (Which is a big deal, once you know the rest of the story.)

And so, I started The Middle Finger Project as a way to give other people balls.

And, of course, to help other people start their own success stories. (And passive aggressively send a message to that kid who picked on me when I was growing up poor.)

I decided on the name one night after two bottles of wine, so don’t judge it too much. Instead, go drink a couple of bottles yourself and get to work.

Because that is what this site is about.

Getting to work. (And having more fun than anybody else while doing it.)

There are tutorials out the hoo-hah for you to learn about building, growing, marketing and selling in business.

There are inappropriate jokes, sarcasm and completely un-PC commentary in every single article.

There are tools, apps, classes, workshops, subscriptions and services to get you what you need to be an overnight success.

And there’s obviously a whole lot of wine. In fact, why not sit down and have a glass?


Oh, you’re in for a liquor-filled chocolate treat. This is the hotspot for anyone striking out on their own, growing a business or venture, and looking for fresh, interesting ways to make anybody care.  The word “newsletter” is officially banned, and we throw banana peels at terrible internet marketing fads like “download my eBook.” Because nobody wants your free goodies, unless you’re Ciara or Petey Pablo, and even then.
Fucking Facebook, probably. Ooh, or karma. Just kidding, probably Facebook.
Because we’re in the business of shunning cliché, overused language, business practices and lifestyle choices, in favor of originality, happiness & doing what feels good for you. Also, ‘no rules, just right’ was taken by Outback Steakhouse.
The kind called House of Moxie, Inc. on paper. Clearly we had to live up to our name. (P.S. House of Moxie is a creative copywriting company that apparently took a few liberties with this brand, eh?)
Hell no. Crap. I mean seriously, no. We just are colorful humans who use colorful language because sometimes people need to wake up and pay attention. (I think that last bit is a line from Sister Act 2. You’re welcome,)
Don’t listen to anybody. Everybody is scared. Which is actually a Jay-Z lyric, so there’s that.
Pour yourself some scotch and crank open the dreaming part of your brain. Aaaaand go.
Hippopotamus. I mean, just read it out loud. Isn’t it your favorite word?
Why do you ask so many questions? But really, because it involves fascinating human behavior and, let’s be honest: People are finding you. They just don’t care.
Yes, but only if they’re adults.
Ooh, come ride with me (said like the owner of a magic carpet, not like the owner of an unmarked white van). This over here plus this will get you exactly where you need to be.
You ask really great questions. Clickety clack over here and jump down this glorious marketing rabbit hole of success and riches. (It’s a section of our blog–calm down.)
Do YOU only like celery when it’s doing laps in a Bloody Mary?
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From always asking, “What if?”
Drink more. Say yes more. Maybe not both at once though, okay?
You can read Ash’s story here. Disclaimer: No innocent sombreros were harmed in the making of this story.
Stalking is not okay, so let’s not call it stalking. Let’s call it researching.

“Creativity takes courage.”Henri Matisse