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Gossip About Me

This is For the Women Who Flinch.

At the thought of babies. Houses. Husbands. Life-long careers marked by monotony and tedium, and life-long existences marked by quiet panic.

This is for the women who disobey; who have that teeny voice of anarchy inside of them—the one that makes you want to run and run and run until you finally feel the sharp pang of ALIVE.

This is for the women who push back. Who stand for things. Want things. Different things, different ideas, and different lives.

This is for the women who create. Who create their own version of their happy ending; who are brave enough to choose themselves; who would rather be raptured by The Cliffs of Moher, or exhilarated by a Spanish song, or giddy in the streets of Santiago, rather than become obedient and numb.

This is for the eager, the fiery, the ambitious and the crazy.


This is for us, bitch.

Dear Sally, Sarah, Sophia, Scarlett, Savannah, Susannah, Sadie, Selena, and Every Other Woman in the World Whose Name Does Not Conveniently Begin With the Letter “S”:

If we were having a mug of hot mulled wine together in front of a fire, first I’d probably spill that shit on my lap, and second, I’d tell you the thing that I wish I knew when I first started feeling the pangs of monotony and regret:


You’ve probably considered a thousand different options, by now. Quit and go to grad school? Take the summer off and go to Ireland? Start learning photography in your spare time? Ditch the job, ditch the guy, ditch the past?

You’ve thought about travel…a lot. You’ve thought about freelancing…a lot. You’ve thought about ways you can earn money without feeling like you’ve resigned yourself to a lifetime of weariness and self-disgust.

But you’ve hesitated because, which one is right? How do you know?

And to you I say: please. just. fucking. go. I beg you. Stop overthinking it. Stop letting all of the niceties and expectations and plans and everyone else’s assumptions about your life prevent you from living it. You don’t have to have it all in order yet. You do not have to know how you’re going to make it work one year from now. All you need to know is that you are strong and capable and you will ALWAYS land on your feet. We humans have a knack for that, more than we think we do. We always figure it out as we go. That, I promise. If I can go from being a rural trailer park orphan to building a million-dollar creative media empire, you can, too. If I can go from a mediocre 9-5 job in Pennsylvania, to traveling the world at my leisure, working from my laptop with a home base in Costa Rica, you can, too. If I can go from being a girl with a lifelong dream to become a writer, to being a full-fledged author with a multiple 6-figure book deal from Penguin Random House, you can, too.

But you must start. And you must start now. Stop procrastinating your best life, girl.

I want you to make a brave choice, and I want you to make it now, and make it with a clear and excited heart. Please, be the woman who did.

You are so much more than a hand to hold the crockpot.



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