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Meet Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge is an author, internet entrepreneur, and founder of The Middle Finger Project, a blog about following your passions (unless you’re a serial killer). Her work focuses on helping women find their voice and use language as a tool to increase upward mobility, create economic opportunity, and increase their sense of personal agency in their career and life.

Ambirge’s new training program, UNINTIMIDATED, re-imagines conventional etiquette and protocol classes of the Victorian ages—how to properly carve poultry, fold a napkin, and run a prim and proper household—and instead teaches women the practical communication skills they need to succeed in modern society today: from sticking up for what you believe in on social media while still remaining balanced and fair, to telling a freelance client that you’re raising your rates, to writing a letter to a judge requesting additional child support, to having a conversation with your partner about your decision not to have children…and more.

Raised an orphan in a trailer park in rural Pennsylvania, Ambirge’s background heavily influences her work, and her new book, also called THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT (Penguin Random House 2020) details her journey on how she was able to use language in creative ways to permanently alter the course of her own life. Her feet are definitely bigger than yours, and she hates fish—unless they’re oysters, of course, because anything eaten with a tiny fork wins.

A Mildly Inappropriate List of Facts About Ash


  1. My biggest fear in life is a greasy keyboard. (Ergo, I wash my hands like I’m strung-out on Dial, and if you shook my hand, you’d think I were AN ACTUAL LUMBERJACK.)
  2. I firmly believe that Frank’s Hot Sauce is a vitamin. I take it daily.
  3. Favorite smell? Tomato plant.
  4. The very first time I ever met with my literary agency in NYC, I thought the Flat Iron Building was a steakhouse. I really regaled them with my intellectual prowess.
  5. This is what happens when you grow up in a rural Pennsylvania trailer park.
  6. But you also get really, really good at being scrappy. Hence the fact that I now run a global creative company that I created using nothing more than my voice. 😍
  7. I’m not married on principle.
  8. I don’t want kids. (Even though they’re cute as shit.)
  9. I LOVE both of these things about myself.
  10. I live part-time in Costa Rica with my darling hunk, C. It is hot as balls.
  11. I also recently invested in a property in a historic building in Old City, Philadelphia—YOU SHOULD SEE ME AT NIGHT TALKING TO MARTHA WASHINGTON.
  12. I bought that property sight unseen from abroad. That is how I roll.
  13. We go to the U.K. every summer, where I often hold writing retreats for women from around the world.
  14. I can’t go to bed without washing my feet.
  15. I have secret fantasies of learning special effects makeup. Mostly just so I can pretend to be a monster and then walk straight over to the neighbors when they are being too loud and FREAK THEM THE FUCK OUT.
  16. My writing voice is my superpower.
  17. If you’re talking to me, I am undoubtedly wondering, “Is my lip doing that thing where one side droops?”
  18. I instantly fall in love with people who have big, loud, happy laughs.
  19. Having hair and makeup come in and make me glam before a photoshoot is probably my favorite guilty pleasure in the world.
  20. I will school you at the pool table.
  21. Ryan Reynolds is my celebrity crush.
  22. My high school friends call me “Zash.”
  23. I never need a business card—somehow, people seem to remember “The Middle Finger Project.” 😉 Hope to see you when I email this week! Be sure to subscribe and a Philadelphia pretzel will get its wings.



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