4 Ways to Become Unf*ckwithable

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By the way, holy shit, so many responses from people on WEIRD ASS WORDS THAT SOUND ALIEN WHEN YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. Dying!


Currently flying in air with @delta - SINCE WHEN IS INTERNATIONAL WIFI A THING?! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Yay, can get some editing done.


Do you know how exhausting it is to overanalyze every single move you make? {New at TMF} https://t.co/XPadZa8JhD https://t.co/Iq88xDC9jV


#PROTIP: Don't stare at the word "floozy" for too long or it will suddenly become THE STRANGEST WORD EVER. What other words are weird?

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At my retreat in the Cotswolds, this past summer, I gave everyone salmon-colored Kate Spade notebooks that read on the cover: She wrote the book on it. It’s a theme I teach and live and breathe and bleed. Everyone’s always asking, “How do you market yourself? How do you get people to notice you?” (For […]

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We’ve all got these really exhausting mental scripts we tell ourselves. For example, earlier today I was telling myself I was going to exercise, but then I told myself that, well, maybe notttttt, because I had something heavy for lunccchhhh, so I probably wouldn’t have the energggggy, and then it’d be harder than usuaaaal, and […]

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The unf*ckwithable woman gives the finger to convention.

She prefers to make a fool out of herself, rather than flock with fools by default. She is stubborn. She is extreme. She's illogical, by most standards. But that's exactly the point: most standards aren't hers to begin with.
Why borrow someone else's when you can create your own?

become unf*ckwithable

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it starts with believing

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