4 Ways to Become Unf*ckwithable

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This is literally the funniest offer I've ever seen in my life. 😂 I mean, that .4% is just BANANAS. https://t.co/D7rxrBPDxm


Need a new #refund policy? Here you go! 💪🏻 https://t.co/saXxFN6Xze https://t.co/YKA9Rbirx4


I love putting personal things like "workout" on my @asana to-do list, mostly because then I get to check that shit OFF. 💪🏻

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The unf*ckwithable woman gives the finger to convention.

She prefers to make a fool out of herself, rather than flock with fools by default. She is stubborn. She is extreme. She's illogical, by most standards. But that's exactly the point: most standards aren't hers to begin with.
Why borrow someone else's when you can create your own?

become unf*ckwithable

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it starts with believing

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