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If you want to quit your job, start a “crazy” business, travel the world, and/or make unconventional lifestyle decisions that don’t involve a crockpot full of ham, get the only newsletter that isn’t written by a good Christian woman named Jane, who doesn’t believe you should be grateful for what you’ve got, and who absolutely does not know how to bake an apple pie.

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Work You Don’t Love Doing Anymore

Like: Hey, Bob! I’ve been standing here, ringing this bell for forty years! Do I get a sticker? Yeah, there are better ways to earn a living than slowly dying with a sackful of receipts in your hand.

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The Predictable But Boring Path

Turns out, a sensible pair of pantyhose and knowing exactly what time the garbage gets collected every week does not make for a life well lived.

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The Things You’re “Supposed” To Do

For when your life feels like one giant, mundane to-do list full of tasks you’re checking off to make other people happy, while you’re faking the f*ck out of your smiles and your orgasms.

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People & Ideas That You’ve Outgrown

The Negative Nancy who doesn’t support you. The friend who only talks about herself. The people who drain the hell out of you. The boyfriend you should’ve left, uh, years ago.

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Staying Small, Broke & Helpless

Your past means NOTHING. Life circumstances are not life sentences. And the only person you need to make it happen is YOU.

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Not Trusting Yourself to Pull It Off

You belong in every room you walk into, baby. Don’t overthink it. Go, go, go. Get creative. Ditch the fear. Imagine how good it'll be when it actually works out. And start the online business that'll set you FREE.

Jesus, Yes, Get Me Out of Suburbia

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Get Mad Inspired to Take the Leap

The Middle Finger Project Book

“Ash Ambirge is a whole mood, and trust me—you want to be in it.”

—Sarah Knight, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Readers of THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT book (Penguin Random House, bitches) have been known to quit their day jobs, build fabulous and lucrative online businesses, travel the world, drink wine before 4 pm, and go on to build lives that let them be FREE. Common side effects include highlighter fatigue, excessive chuckling, and severe neck cramps. Content not suitable for defeatists, naysayers or the Swedish (because how much better could your life possibly get?)

Notice: This book does not contain a single guided meditation. Nope, not even one. Isn’t that great?

Available wherever books are sold. Also available in audiobook format via Audible—which is a brave move in and of itself. Have you heard my voice?

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