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The Whole Wide World Isn’t Big Enough for You, Darling

Have you ever felt like the whole wide world would never be big enough for you? You’re so hungry for it, you eat up every square inch you can find: streets, monuments, wine bars, neighborhoods. The way the dandelion grows differently, over here. The way the people take just a little bit longer to greet you when you walk into a restaurant. You feel like you’re staring at an alternate

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Dreaming of Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here’s a $25,000 Reason Why You Should Take the Leap

So……………………..taxes kick your ass this year? *lights cigar* *plunks boot heel up on old steamer trunk* If you’re in business for yourself, you were prooooobably scrambling around for an extra ten, fifteen, twenty grand or so of loose change, come the beginning of April. Real neat surprise, particularly for new creators who didn’t exactly plan for taxes. ? (You’re like, shoot Ash, I can hardly plan my grocery lists.) ALAS, I

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How to Prove Yourself to Non-Believers (& Other Dollar Store Peanut Trolls)

Can we talk about friends for a minute? <Cue group groan.> Why is that? When did friendship become A VERY HARD THING? I’m not talking about your ride-or-dies—you know who they are—I’m talking about the very real problem of: (a) Being an adult;(b) And making friends;(c) Who kind of suck;(d) And aren’t supportive. How did we get stuck with these hambonis? Case in point: a woman emailed me the other

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Your Happiness 401(k): Are You Budgeting Enough Joy in Your Life?

In my twenties I hated routine—but that’s because I confused it for stagnancy. Anything that whiffed of repetition was automatically on my shit list: schedules, affirmations, habits, recurring obligations, things that put a vise on my freedom. I never wanted to live feeling beholden to a calendar, letting it rule my days more than I did. To me, routines were for the weak: people who weren’t disciplined enough to get

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“I Want More Adventure & Whimsy In My Life”—And the Worst Advice I Ever Read On Getting It

There’s terrible advice, and then there’s the type of advice that makes you want to fake your death and ride bareback on a donkey through Cleveland. Until today, I thought that the Cosmo advice to “apply a little Ben Gay to his privates for an unexpected treat” was that kind of advice. (Do not try that at home, or in any grocery store parking lots, ever.) Turns out, though, there

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It’s Okay to Be Done With Good Things

Well, that’s certainly a crowbar to the face, isn’t it? It’s okay to be done with good things. I’ve been obsessed with this idea lately: that maybe good situations can keep you just as trapped as bad situations, sometimes. (If you’ve ever had an entire plate of cheese fries in front of you, you get where I’m going.) How many things are you holding onto just because it would be

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The Courage to Ask: “What Do I Really Want?”

Oh, look! I made it to 2022 without committing suicide. That is a pretty terrible thing to say, but if you know me, then you also know I am a pretty terrible person—at least, when it comes to: (a) Dealing with most people; (b) Pot roasts; and (c) Matching my underwear to my bra. (Though bonus points for really wanting to be that person. Do you know how many times

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Listen: Do What You Crave Without the Guilt. Travel to Italy. Enroll in That Workshop. Make Your Art Every Afternoon. And Hurl Yourself Into the Unknown—For This Is The Best ROI That Money Can Buy.

My almost-mother-in-law gets really fucking nervous when I travel—especially when I bomb off to South America for a month by myself to drink ALL THE WINE and celebrate ALL THE BOOK DEALS. But she doesn't get worried in the typical way a mother might; not the way my own mother would have been worried, which would have sounded something like: “Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph, Ashley, you think they won't

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U.S. Concept of Time & Why It's Preventing You From Finding Your Passions

Here in the U.S., we're all about go-go-go. It's a fast-paced lifestyle, and if you don't keep ahead you'll soon be left behind. It's a race to the finish. It's the survival of the fittest. It is time-is-money, and the early bird gets the worm. Time, in essence, is a something we regard as a finite resource that we feel we can capture, control and manipulate. Just look at all

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Education & Wage Slavery: Hand In Hand?

A no-nonsense look at the education system's hidden agenda–why we're being taught what to think, instead of how to think, and how this affects not only us, but the bigger picture at hand. Put on your thinking caps for this one. (P.S. Please don't egg my house if this makes you angry.)

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