Follow your passion—unless you’re a serial killer.


If you’re ~over~ your job and you’re thinking about trying something new but you’re feeling ALL the self-doubt and everyone kind of rolls their eyes at you and you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing but you need a big-ass dose of self-confidence and want to come out punching and defeat all the naysayers and make millions of feel-good dollars with your creative passions while shouting ‘IN YO’ FACE SUCKAS!”–THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

This Book is the Antidote For

The Middle Finger Project Book

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Psst. A book editor who read this manuscript actually quit her job immediately afterward—just sayin’.

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If you don’t finish this book and feel like a badass bitch walking away from an explosion…did you even read it?

Lisa J Ebers


Hilariously crude yet poignantly straight forward

Hilariously crude yet poignantly straightforward. A must-read for any entrepreneur, someone thinking they want to be an entrepreneur, woman, mom, anyone who has been in a relationship – anyone with a pulse really. This book is layered with seeds of inspiration. I told 10 people to get it within 5 minutes of completing. Highly suggest!

Jennie O’Connor

Verified Purchase


One of the top five most influential books I've read--and I've read them all. No, really.

Ash Ambirge is moxy, grit, sass and tenacity all rolled into one rip-roaring good time. She rebukes the good girl programming we ALL had forced on us and roots tirelessly for the quiet girl in the back to insist on her own brilliance. It also gave me a bulletproof method for dealing with imposter syndrome–WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD, that tidbit, ladies.



I took my time with this book not wanting it to end, not by choice … but because every chapter had me mentally “oh damn”-ing. But today I downloaded the audible version of this book to finish off the last 2 hours of this hilariously witty, face slapping, world shaking-ly wholesome book. Ash is a legend. I am so glad I picked up this book.



I absolutely loved this book. Every time I picked it up to read I felt so inspired and ready to take on the world. Definitely recommend it to any woman who is struggling to stand up for themselves and struggling with what they want out of a career.

Keisha Segui

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As someone who struggles immensely with imposter syndrome and, as a result, is afraid to pursue creative ideas, this book could not have come into my life at a better time. Read this if you (a) struggle with imposter syndrome, (b) feel lost in your career or life, or (c) need a self-care push.

There’s so much more I want to talk about this book, but instead of listening to me, listen to Ambirge. Read this book! Then let’s talk.

Brb, off to start my journey to self-reliance and become my own Committee of True and Actual Greatness.



A must read for all the ladies out there who think they have to follow a certain formula for their lives. The author does an excellent job of outlining her own journey to taking a different path for her life but encourages you to do the same (if you are dissatisfied with your current life). She doesn’t sugar coat anything either and is very clear that this method involves dedicated and a lit of hard work and even many failed attempts. So if you are feeling like you could be doing more, read this book. It will inspire you to make those very necessary first steps and keep the momentum going.

Krista Kankula


Don’t make me pick out one line or quote from this book, because I’ll be honest I went berserk with the highlighter and streaked almost every page. You’ll probably laugh-snort-curse-shout your way through it and by the end, you’ll be so worked up to go after your most dangerous ideas YET⚡️

Heather Burnett


YOUR New Best Friend (In A Book)

I bought the audio version earlier this year & I’m not ashamed to say I’ve listened to it more than a couple of times. (Also bought for my 20 year old daughter.)

The writing is beyond fabulous, and the advice is even better. Ash is the tells-it-like-it-is cheerleader without being cheesy friend every woman needs! Her story is real, raw, and motivating AF. Buy it on audio, Kindle, & get a hardcover for the plane so that weird guy sitting next to you will know where you stand & back off!

Cheryl R.

Verified Purchase


This. Book.

This book had me laughing, sympathizing, empathizing, and saying several “amen, sisters.” Love Ash and her unique voice and her emboldening tone. I shipped this book to some friends after reading just a couple of chapters. Straight fire!

Nicole Larson

Verified Purchase


Stellar Advice on Being an Entrepreneur and Brave Human

You 👏 Need 👏 This 👏 Book

Ash pulls off a phenomenal combo of page turning memoir and unbelievable business advice. I’ve been a long time reader of her blog and make a “squeee” noise every time I receive one of her emails. Her book takes her humor and brilliance to a whole new level.

If you need a kick in the pants…get this book.
If you need a story where you’re rooting for the underdog…get this book.
If you ever feel like an imposter as you go for your dream… get this book.

TL;DR Ash’s book is all the feels with stellar advice on being an entrepreneur and brave human.

Molly Patrick

Verified Purchase


This should be required reading for every human.

THIS BOOK! This book is the best deal you will ever find for total mindset and life transformation.

Ash keeps it real, lays it down, and gives you her brilliant brain in this book. I read it in three days and could not put it down. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK!!! Especially, if you want to start your own thing, do good in the world, and make money while doing it.

This book is a pure GEM!



Loved this book! Loved the author!

This is my first introduction to Ash and this book, and I am sooo happy that I decided to do the audio version over the hard copy. Ash gave a star-worthy performance, doing total justice to her brand and helping to really drive so many emotions home. It was inspirational and I believe a useful read for most women, no matter where you are in your life (except unless you’re retired, but even then it still has some good advice for how to live your life the way you were meant to). She’s simply amazing, her advice is amazing, and I never once got bored listening to her colorful delivery.

Sara D. Lloyd

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"The book I do and will recommend to everyone, everywhere, from now until forever."

I’ve been a follower and fan of Ash since before I can remember (so like at least 5 years lol). Every email and every blog post she writes is a kick in the pants and this book is THAT but like, BETTER. I want to hedge and say that Ash has a specific style of writing and personality that maybe not everyone will like, but I also think that’s bull. Sure we don’t all have the same tastes, especially when it comes to style of self-help books. But this is the perfect blending of story and lesson, suggestion and probing personal questions that you have to face yourself and ask while you’re reading. I’m a really fast reader typically but this is a book I had to digest one chapter at a time, on purpose, so I could process in between. It’s also one I could have devoured in one sitting because the writing and the flow is so great. If you’re waffling about buying this book, just do it. I just don’t see how you can regret it, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or career woman. YOU NEED THIS. And so do all your girlfriends. All of mine can expect this as a gift until everyone I know has gotten it 🙂

Ashlee Berghoff

Verified Purchase


"Ash is here to remind us that it's possible."

I was introduced to Ash Ambirge years ago through a random Google search as I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life. Her work didn’t just help me find the courage to start my own business – she showed me it could be a ton of fun in the process.

This book is here to remind us all that we deserve to take ourselves seriously. There are many things we can’t control, but we have more agency over our lives than we think. Ash had the courage to build an incredible business based on HER unique way of being in the world, and this book combines telling that story with showing us the way to do the same.

Chapter One


*puffs on cigar*

Now there’s a fun-filled topic. If we were really ambitious, we’d just dive right into the most controversial subject imaginable, given that this book contains all sorts of controversial ideas and it doesn’t get any more polite from here. (Now might be a good time to fetch the vodka…and maybe a defibrillator.)

Don’t worry, this isn’t a book about God, nor is it a book about Ryan Gosling—second in command. But it is a book about authority and becoming your own. It’s not always easy to “follow your dreams”—and ride off on a magical flying carpet made of SweetTarts and sugar plum fairies. It’s not easy to trust yourself radically, or make bold choices that other people will not agree with, or “live life on your own terms.” It’s not easy to roll up and be all, “yayyyyyyy, I’m going to quit my job and be an artist!” or “yayyyyyy, I’m going to open my own bookshop!” or “yayyyyyy, I’m going to skip around the Swiss Alps and make cheese in a loincloth and yodel in the afternoons and tell my overbearing sister to shove it!” Even in an age when all of these options are more available to us than ever, most of us are really just drifting along every day, trying not to get cancer. But even when we do dare break the mold and try something new, the world throws some serious side eye.

Who does she think she is?
It won’t last.
This is just another one of her “big ideas.”

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