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Professional writer, business woman, smart ass, and founder of the unconventional lifestyle and career website, The Middle Finger Project, Ash Ambirge is on an international mission to help the lost, the confused, the disillusioned and the “how the hell did I become an administrative assistants?” of the world become more unf*ckwithable in their work—and lives—by learning how to trust themselves unflinchingly and build a unique, modern, gloriously independent career using that great, big, free thing we call The Internet.

(The name The Middle Finger Project was just for fun.)

Notes of Interest + Unconventional Scandal

  1. Buried my parents at age 21
  2. Self-employed as a writer for 10 years
  3. Started The Middle Finger Project in 2009
  4. Made first 6 figures in 6 months
  5. Earned first $1,000,000 before turning 27 (I’m 33 now—eeeekkk!)
  6. Been traveling full-time since 2010
  7. Didn’t get married. Didn’t have kids. Didn’t do a lot of things most people do.
  8. Took private pilot’s lessons—and showed up wearing red cowboy boots (what ELSE do you wear?)
  9. Pitched the founder of a $160,000 deal—and got it
  10. Drove cross-country visiting blog readers and staying in their homes for an entire summer
  11. Took women on retreats around the world (the next one is this summer in the English Countryside!)
  12. Spearheaded the international mentorship + idea exchange group Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends
  13. Turned down a $250,000 contract from a client in the name of freedom
  14. Hired an instructor to come to my house twice a week to give me salsa classes
  15. Pitched my literary agency by hand-couriering over hot green high heels and a bottle of whiskey (I’m now happy to call Writers House NYC my home, with a book on the way!)
  16. Given keynote speeches at universities (SO PASSIONATE ABOUT MY HOMETOWN OF SCRANTON, PA)
  17. Been a guest lecturer on a cruise ship
  18. Had a 5-star hotel in Paris comp my stay because of my blog (whattttttttttt)
  19. Fired employees for not sending a contract
  20. Launched book campaigns from the backseat of my car
  21. Jumped into hotel conference pool with a business suit on
  22. Spent an entire month in the woods of Vermont writing and jogging
  23. Been sued for defamation over a blog post
  24. Have felt the rush of making $100,000 in a day
  25. Regularly donate money to teens from my hometown
  26. Wake up and write for three hours before I do anything else, every single day
  27. Drop F-bombs and swear like a sailor
  28. Officiated my best friend’s wedding in Mexico—in English and Spanish (thank god for that master’s degree in Linguistics?!)
  29. Have gone to the bathroom and taken a Polaroid of my middle finger—and then passed it across the table to a chauvinist pig client (after he signed the deal, of course)
  30. Volunteered with the United Nations in South America
  31. Written my own press pitches and gotten coverage in places like Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer
  32. Been featured in a bunch of really cool places alongside humans like Tim Ferris
  33. Taught workshops on starting your own business
  34. Talk about selling yourself over the phone = OBSESSION
  35. Flown to England just to tour the Downton Abbey castle (total nerd!)
  36. Learned how to apologize with deep grace to my friends, when my business has taken priority
  37. Taught that “nice” is a liability—but grace is never out of style
  38. Invited orphans to my home at Christmas (as an orphan myself, this is important to me)
  39. Made the best friends of my life living in Santiago, Chile
  40. Have fought million dollar intellectual property litigation on principle
  41. Visited the trailer where I grew up—and my mother’s garden, that she loved
  42. Re-wrote my money story (our tax returns from my childhood show $8,000 in gross adjusted income…and less)
  43. Teamed up with an awesomeeeee brand photographer and started a super cool business makeover experience in London
  44. Mentor new unconventional minds every single day
  45. Believe in trial-by-fire as a business policy
  46. Practice the art of becoming unf*ckwithable like it’s my religion
  47. Refuse to stand down and let days become forgettable
  48. Want you to stand up here with me—enter your email below and tell me what YOUR middle finger project is. I’ll be waiting.



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