“I’m a fan. You’re a voice of originality in a world too little of it.”

Seth Godin

I’m an assassin.

That’s a fun way to start a bio, isn’t it?

For the record, I mostly just like that the word “ass” is in there twice. Also, in case the Department of Homeland Security is watching, I should probably state that I was totally kidding when I said I killed people..

I don’t kill people; I kill other things.

When I was 14, I killed the idea that you had to cry while giving your father’s eulogy.

When I was 16, I killed the rumor that people who lived in trailers were trailer trash. (The hydrangea bushes lining the walkway served as evidence for the defense.)

When I was 18, I proved that poor kids could go to expensive private colleges (in part, because I hustled hard enough to be awarded a full scholarship from Andy McKelvey, the founder of Monster.com, who saw “entrepreneurial spirit” in me).

When I was 20, I showed the world that when your mother dies and leaves you orphaned to kick off your adulthood, you do not let circumstances become life sentences.

When I was 21, I killed the idea that you couldn’t move to the big city and do big things, anyway.

When I was 22, I showed my bosses that “the way it was always done” was silly when you can sell even more with creativity.

When I was 24, I started blogging about doing business and living unconventionally.

When I was 25, I went ahead and killed my job. (Most people call this “quitting.”)

When I was 26, I made my first $100,000 online.

When I was 27, I proved that you can be most successful by being YOU.

When I was 28, I had made my first million dollars.

And today, at the ripe old age of 32, I continue to help women around the world kill the clichés of their lives and their businesses—all the stuff they “should” be doing. (You know, like having babies and staying in safe and predictable jobs.)

I’m Ash Ambirge, and in case it wasn’t clear:
I give the middle finger for a living.

Featured in places like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, The Huffington Post, Contently and Virgin, as well as several books including The Power of Unpopular, The Gratitude Project, End Sex Trafficking, and My Exile Lifestyle, I’m known for my edgy, approachable voice online, and my ability to inspire women worldwide to be brave with their careers.

I’m often invited to speak at international and national conferences on the topics of online business, creativity, motivation, marketing and writing, and accept interview invitations several times a week for #1 podcasts like The Unmistakable Creative, Entrepreneur on Fire, Hello Fearless and Real Talk Radio.

In my spare time (cute joke), I also run international Life Hooky retreats for women business owners, host thousands of women in a variety of online workshops, and have recently started an exciting, all-new insider’s subscription for women called Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends—which is way too much fun for my own good.

Want to learn more about my story—including how I went from twenty-six dollars and homeless, to a million dollars and hellbent, using nothing more than my blog, my balls and my brain? Click here to read on, baby. And get excited for my forthcoming tell-all book, too!

(Represented by: Writer’s House NYC Literary Agency.)

“You’re the best writer on the internet.” 

Best-selling author & speaker Michael Port upon meeting me at a conference (I swear I didn’t bribe him)

Oh, you’re in for a liquor-filled chocolate treat. This is the hotspot for women who are starting their own business and looking for fresh, interesting ways to stand out from the sea of sameness & make anybody care. The word “newsletter” is officially banned, and we throw banana peels at terrible internet marketing fads like “download my eBook.” Because nobody wants your free goodies, unless you’re Ciara or Petey Pablo, and even then.
Fucking Facebook, probably. Ooh, or karma. Just kidding, probably Facebook.
Because we’re in the business of shunning cliché, overused language, business practices and lifestyle choices, in favor of originality, happiness & doing what feels good for you. Also, ‘no rules, just right’ was taken by Outback Steakhouse.
The kind called House of Moxie, Inc. on paper. Clearly we had to live up to our name. (P.S. House of Moxie is a creative copywriting company that apparently took a few liberties with this brand, eh?)
Hell no. Crap. I mean seriously, no. We just are colorful humans who use colorful language because sometimes people need to wake up and pay attention. (I think that last bit is a line from Sister Act 2. You’re welcome,)
Don’t listen to anybody. Everybody is scared. Which is actually a Jay-Z lyric, so there’s that.
Pour yourself some scotch and crank open the dreaming part of your brain. Aaaaand go.
Hippopotamus. I mean, just read it out loud. Isn’t it your favorite word?
Why do you ask so many questions? But really, because it involves fascinating human behavior and, let’s be honest: People are finding you. They just don’t care.
Yes, but only if they’re adults.
Ooh, come ride with me (said like the owner of a magic carpet, not like the owner of an unmarked white van). This over here plus this will get you exactly where you need to be.
You ask really great questions. Clickety clack over here and jump down this glorious marketing rabbit hole of success and riches. (It’s a section of our blog–calm down.)
Do YOU only like celery when it’s doing laps in a Bloody Mary?
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From always asking, “What if?”
Drink more. Say yes more. Maybe not both at once though, okay?
You can read Ash’s story here. Disclaimer: No innocent sombreros were harmed in the making of this story.
Stalking is not okay, so let’s not call it stalking. Let’s call it researching.


Forbes magazine, my 3rd grade karate instructor, and an inordinate amount 
of people who commented on my most recent Facebook photo.