What They’re Saying

“I’m A Fan. You’re A Voice Of Originality In A World With Too Little Of It.”

Seth Godin

“You’re The Best Writer On The Internet.”

Michael Port

Best-selling author & speaker, upon meeting me at a conference (I swear I didn’t bribe him)

Tried to type https://t.co/rxLILWl47o and my much more responsible, deadline-oriented writerly fingers automaticall… https://t.co/V06CCroUOt


Reinvention is an opportunity. So what I’m really trying to say is that I think I’ll become the kind of person that eats more pasta. 🍝


Senate adopts resolution declaring "the press is not the enemy of the people" https://t.co/eakTMzrIL6 via @CBSPolitics <—Fucking YES.


When the power goes out two days in a row, you probably should not binge eat blocks of cheese to prove you still ha… https://t.co/MfGWKtIwoG


When Googling "Bonne Bell lip gloss" is a part of your job. #AmWriting #ThisMustBeWhatTheyMeantWhenTheySaidIWouldShine

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