What They’re Saying

“I’m A Fan. You’re A Voice Of Originality In A World With Too Little Of It.”

Seth Godin

“You’re The Best Writer On The Internet.”

Michael Port

Best-selling author & speaker, upon meeting me at a conference (I swear I didn’t bribe him)

Use my "O Method" if you're stuck in a sea of sameness and have no idea how to #differentiate your work in the mark… https://t.co/kLwjl96Pzr


This is important. So, so important. https://t.co/F7ELHDMB5g


If you don't know what you value, you'll never be able to differentiate yourself in business.


“Finding your niche” really just means finding some mother-loving focus. 🔍 Instead of trying to sell 101 services f… https://t.co/3Daz8GBlWv


Ditch the heavy and hard. Choose what feels light and easy.


Start whatever you want to start. No one can stop you. Do you realize that?

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