What They’re Saying

“I’m A Fan. You’re A Voice Of Originality In A World With Too Little Of It.”

Seth Godin

“You’re The Best Writer On The Internet.”

Michael Port

Best-selling author & speaker, upon meeting me at a conference (I swear I didn’t bribe him)

The waitress keeps calling me "hun." That is all.


Just enrolled for 2018 health insurance—have never felt so productive. 😂


"Most people born with wealth, bro? They lose. 'Cuz they're SOFT." —@garyvee


When the heater kicks on in your hotel room and you’re all: wait, I️ thought I put Do Not Disturb on my iPhone?


I'm back at the @FoundingFarmKOP having late lunch, working on the L-TOP (new word?) and generally drinking all the… https://t.co/MiaEQE8A18

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