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“I’m A Fan. You’re A Voice Of Originality In A World With Too Little Of It.”

Seth Godin

“You’re The Best Writer On The Internet.”

Michael Port


OBSESSED with this piece about procrastination not being about time-management, but EMOTION management. In other wo… https://t.co/6OSxEoIzH3


Raise your hand if you filed for an extension for your taxes! 🖐 Just kidding, I didn't, because Bench keeps my boo… https://t.co/q5SyjvT3LU


Just thought you should know that if you write until your fingertips bleed and your neck falls out of joint and you… https://t.co/U77eXymxqU


Thank goodness I just popped on, I might have missed the trending of #YachtCocaineProstitutes.

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