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How to Do Email Marketing Without a Scuzz Hangover: Modern Ideas for Creators, Digital Nomads & Other Wonderful Humans Online

I remember my exact thought the first time I ever saw a sales letter: What a crock. I was working with an old-school marketing consultant who was brought on board to work with me on a long-term campaign designed to grow the company in an aggressively short period of time. We performed all sorts of fancy SWOT analyses, re-worked the company’s brand positioning, re-designed the company’s core messaging, devised our plan of attack, and began rolling it out…when it happened.


ConvertKit is the BEST Newsletter Tool for Creators— And Here’s the (Surprising) Reason Why

SOUND THE ALARM 🚨🚨🚨—the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! No, I’m not talking about the moment in which I finally accepted the fact that my stomach pooch is never, ever going away (thanks, Italian grandma!), but rather, the moment where your wildest email marketing dreams have suddenly just materialized in front of your eyes and all you can see are big, voluptuous, happy readers bobbing around a river with signs that say “I love this bitch’s