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Client Weird About Your Contract? Say This and They’ll Happily Sign (While Probably Hugging You)

So you know how you get that client and literally feels like you’re prancing through a field of daffodils that have been sprayed with CK One from the year 1998? (This might sound horrifying unless you wore CK One in 1998 like every other millennial who was alive in 1998, in which case you will immediately be transported back to the time in your life when YOU STILL HAD ABS AND DREAMS.) The client is in . to . you.

HEYYYY-OHHHHH, You Should Probably Register Your Trademark Before Someone Steals Your Business Name Out From Under You and Then You Want to Grab a Knife and COMMIT BLOODY, BLOODY MURDER

So yesterday I roll up to this hair salon in Salem, Massachusetts—because where else would you get your hair done when flying in from Central America? The owner had agreed to come in early to do the cut and color because apparently I am a demanding lunatic who needs to get on the road to Vermont sooner than later so HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS WORK, BRO? (Kidding, he offered to do it; I didn’t even have to bribe him.)

You Hired Someone & Now They’ve Gone MIA. How Do You Get Your Money Back? (And Not Turn Into an Ax Murderer?)

Well this little treat happens more than we’d all like. At some point, as you grow your business, you’re going to hire independent contractors to help you out: maybe it’s a new web design, or copy edits, or just proofreading, or perhaps helping you out with your admin. Most of the time, you’ll be delighted! And then there are the other times. Specifically, the times when that person takes the money and then disappears, off into the ethers. It’s a

Things Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong and Now My Client or Customer Wants…A REFUND. (#FML, WHAT DO I DO?)

THANK VODKA this isn’t going to happen a lot (because I know you, and I know you’re excellent at what you do) but every once in a while you’ll start a project with a client who is literally from Mars, or you’ll get that scammer asshat who buys your digital product and then requests a refund immediately (I love these guys) and you’re going to have to figure out what to do. Should I give them a refund? Should I

“Do I Really Need a Formal Client Contract, Orrrr……?” (Answer: F*CK YES, YOU DO!)

So based on yesterday’s post, where I was all like, HEY EMAILS ARE CONTRACTS, and you were like, HOLY SHIT, you’re probably wondering if you need to bother with a formal contract at all. In fact, you’re probably thrilled at the idea of not having to bother with that formal legalese, because: (a) You don’t want your clients to think that you don’t trust them; (b) You’re not all serious and stuffy and you feel like sending a document like

NEWS FLASH: Emails Are Legally Binding Contracts. *&!^!)*@&%

HI, HAPPY MONDAY! You know it’s going to be a great day when you only got up to pee once in the middle of the night and then fell right back asleep. Why does this feel like I, personally, deserve a medal? I’m pretty sure congratulations are in order over on Twitter. (Are we following each other / sending cowgirl emojis back and forth yet?) Remember last week when I promised you that we were going to take this week