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The New Salary is Here: Soon, Digital Nomads Will Out-Earn the Average Professional—And Be a Lot Happier, Too 

Summer meadows.Queen Anne’s lace. Picnic blankets made of blue and white gingham. A laughing four-year-old boy (so long as the fucker is laughing). A skinny footpath leading down to the ocean. Cherry cordial. Flirty jokes. Tattooed forearms. Fresh, crisp corn on the cob.Thick farm-churned butter.And time. So much time. Life moves so much slower here, like it’s actually yours to spend.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I think that sounds fantastic—even though I don’t have a kid nor tattooed forearms, and I’ve somehow made it to thirty-seven without

The Cost of Not Traveling: Featuring Mexico City, Eyeball Tacos, and “Travel Karens”

The other day, someone said to me, “To be frank, I can’t believe you’ve never been to Mexico City” to which I naturally replied, ”To be frank, I hope you have nightmares about teeny tiny Chihuahua dicks.” Of course, I only replied that in my mind. But anytime anyone starts a sentence with “to be frank,” you know whatever they say next is going to make you hate them. “To be frank, you could stand to lose a few pounds.”