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The New Salary is Here: Soon, Digital Nomads Will Out-Earn the Average Professional—And Be a Lot Happier, Too 

Summer meadows.Queen Anne’s lace. Picnic blankets made of blue and white gingham. A laughing four-year-old boy (so long as the fucker is laughing). A skinny footpath leading down to the ocean. Cherry cordial. Flirty jokes. Tattooed forearms. Fresh, crisp corn on the cob.Thick farm-churned butter.And time. So much time. Life moves so much slower here, like it’s actually yours to spend.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I think that sounds fantastic—even though I don’t have a kid nor tattooed forearms, and I’ve somehow made it to thirty-seven without


The Cost of Not Traveling: Featuring Mexico City, Eyeball Tacos, and “Travel Karens”

The other day, someone said to me, “To be frank, I can’t believe you’ve never been to Mexico City” to which I naturally replied, ”To be frank, I hope you have nightmares about teeny tiny Chihuahua dicks.” Of course, I only replied that in my mind. But anytime anyone starts a sentence with “to be frank,” you know whatever they say next is going to make you hate them. “To be frank, you could stand to lose a few pounds.”


The Romantic, Creative Spirit of Lisbon, Portugal—And Why This T-Rex-Hearted City is the (New) New York for Digital Nomads

Is everyone you know talking about Portugal right now—or just me? Because I should warn you: this is the kind of place that causes divorce. 💔 🤣 (Because you definitely ain’t coming back.) Provence is that kind of place. Florence is that kind of place. And, oh yes, Lisbon is becoming that kind of place, too. When we first arrived in Lisbon in the fall, I posted this on Instagram: “Woke up in Lisbon and I’m SCARILY obsessed. This is