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Dreaming of Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here’s a $25,000 Reason Why You Should Take the Leap

So……………………..taxes kick your ass this year? *lights cigar* *plunks boot heel up on old steamer trunk* If you’re in business for yourself, you were prooooobably scrambling around for an extra ten, fifteen, twenty grand or so of loose change, come the beginning of April. Real neat surprise, particularly for new creators who didn’t exactly plan for taxes. ? (You’re like, shoot Ash, I can hardly plan my grocery lists.) ALAS, I thought it might be worth mentioning a liiiiiittle money ?

Rec for Taxes (Save Us All)

I’d rather lick a moldy iguana carcass than do my bookkeeping + taxes. (God, could I use a more disgusting example? GROSS!) But, seriously. I sat down this morning, intent on FINALLY carving out the time to sit down and review my—gag—books, categorize a million transactions, and get together SOME kind of mysterious document to pass over to my CPA, who is growing more and more impatient with monsters like me (because, hi, apparently we shouldn’t be waiting until the

A Handy F*cking Checklist of Everything You Can Write Off as an Online Business Owner Before the End of the Year (LIKE UNPAID INVOICES, WHAT!)

So, first of all: last night was hilarious. If you didn’t see my Insta stories, go watch now before they’re gone. The short version: my favorite company on the planet, Bench, sent me a RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC FUN SURPRISE, and I filmed myself running out into the rain to get the box and open the whole damn thing, only to laugh and laugh and laugh once I opened it. I miiiiiight have dropped about 400 f-bombs while recording, though, so you

Don’t Forget I Have a Magic Wand for Bookkeeping + Taxes! (Especially if You’re All, “I Haven’t Even THOUGHT About That Stuff Yet, GAH.”)

Hey, yo! Just a quick reminder because you might be sitting at your desk FINALLY attempting to get your “books” together (by which I mean sorting through last year’s Paypal transactions and wishing death upon the IRS) so you can submit some sort of tax document thingie that you really don’t understand WHILE ALSO hoping the hell you don’t owe any a ton of taxes even though you think you might and by the way, what was this charge for

The Best Online Bookkeepers On the PLANET—Now for Freelancers, Creatives + Side Hustles! HOORAH.

Okay, so you know how I have been singing Bench’s praises all goddamn year? Like, psychopath level praises? WELL THIS IS WHY. I just logged into my account this morning, and here are a few of the numbers I can see with just a click: $34,422.64. That’s how much we spent this year on monthly subscriptions to software and apps. (JESUS H. CHRIST, WHO AM I? That is more than my first year’s salary as a marketing assistant. That said,

If You Suck at Numbers And The Term “Balance Sheet” Makes You Nervous Laugh, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR EFFING LIFE

I HAVE SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO TELL YOU! (Yes, we’re starting off with caps, because I will probably be seventy years old and still be wearing necklaces as big as my head and obviously my words need to reflect my authentic self.) I mean, do you understand how many amazing things are happening right now? Of course you don’t, because I’ve kept my coy little mouth shut, but rest-assured that there are SO many caps and exclamation points en


Here’s a totally-weird, slightly dizzying fact: Did you know that the moment you accept money in exchange for a service or product, you’ve automatically created a sole proprietorship in the eyes of the law? You don’t have to file as a formal business entity—YOU JUST ARE ONE. Which is crazy, right? It’s like immaculate fucking conception. Which also means this: even if you’re just dipping your toe in the water, you still need to follow the rules. *cracks whip* And