Don’t Forget I Have a Magic Wand for Bookkeeping + Taxes! (Especially if You’re All, “I Haven’t Even THOUGHT About That Stuff Yet, GAH.”)

Hey, yo!

Just a quick reminder because you might be sitting at your desk FINALLY attempting to get your “books” together (by which I mean sorting through last year's Paypal transactions and wishing death upon the IRS) so you can submit some sort of tax document thingie that you really don't understand WHILE ALSO hoping the hell you don't owe any a ton of taxes even though you think you might and by the way, what was this charge for $104.50 from nine months ago? Is that an expense? Is that not an expense? What do I do with this information? I know I need to file something but I'm super behind and I haven't even thought about any of this stuff and GAHHHHHHHH.

If that is you, don't forget, mama! As a reader of The Middle Finger Project, you're eligible for 20% off your books through my very own bookkeeping team at BENCH (we're affiliate partners), just by going here:

They can help you:

  • Catch up on all of your bookkeeping in ONE hot second—just connect your Paypal or Stripe account and they'll go to town categorizing all of your transactions and you won't ever have to think about it again
  • Create a year-end financial package for you to hand over to your accountant—and the rest will roll like buttah (This was REALLY handy when I applied for a mortgage for my new Philly digs. They say self-employed people have trouble with that but I had zero because my books were so organized.)
  • Or connect you to reliable CPAs and tax pros, if you don't have one yet—because who knows anything about online business, anyway?

Just wanted to send you a reminder in case this is a task on your to-do list that's been overdue for weeks and you keep putting it off and off and off and off, feeling more guilty by the day. (I HAVE BEEN THERE.) Don't! Just outsource it to them and be done.

And let me know if you do! Happy tax season, bitches.

Or, better yet, happy not-having-to-worry-about-tax-season, bitches. 🙂





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