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“F*ck Doing It All”: How Sharp-Toothed Maverick Grit Can Sell Your Products to Complete Strangers

When the lottery wants to boost ticket sales, they don’t raise the odds. They raise the jackpot. Why? Because people don’t buy odds, they buy dreams. HERE’S A LIST OF THINGS THAT PEOPLE DON’T WANT: Eight modules Sixty minutes of your time A course A video series A PDF Unlimited access An elephant (just kidding, I definitely want an elephant)   HERE’S WHAT PEOPLE DO WANT: Excitement Elation Power Prestige Belonging Belief Hope Confidence Conviction Faith Comfort Relief Euphoria In other

3 Mistakes EVERYONE Makes With Their Homepage Headline (That Can Seriously Flatline Your Messaging)

Things that are hard: opening literally any package of scissors, planks, death, restraining yourself around a person who’s sniffling (my biggest pet peeve), realizing you are too fat to go indoor skydiving (legit just happened to me), and scrubbing the water rings off of your glass cooktop stove. Things that are harder: Writing your homepage headline when you have zero clarity about your brand promise, your brand positioning, and your value proposition. ? Ugh, did you just groan?? Was that

How to Nail Your Friggin’ Message, Once and For All, Using This Trick

If there were a richter scale of “OH F**K,” you know which two questions top the charts for creators? So, what do you do? Can you send over your professional bio? kisssssesssss LAWDY, LAWD. The two worst questions in the history of working for yourself. (That and “how much money did you make last year?” which, for the record, only entitled d-bags ask.) These are the kinds of questions that can make a person do terrible, horrible things—like give up

You Know the Best Way to Sell a Service? GATEWAY DRUGS, MY FRIEND.

“She said yes to the $500 offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Soon as I got that text this morning I screeeeammeeddd back in an audio message, “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! OF COURSE SHE FUCKING DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I knew she’d get it done. I knew it: the system that I’ve been teaching her, an old friend of mine from college who’s starting a coaching business, is damn-near foolproof for closing new clients. There are a lot of things I know absolutely nothing about—the mating habits of worms, who these

Why You Should Never Do Another Free Client Call Again

Hey, I got a good idea! How about you call up Dan Rather and say, listen Dannnnnayyyyyyyy, I need an hour of your time, buddy—I really need to know about journalism, and so I thought I could pick your brain for a while—you know, for free—and then decide if it’s a good fit. If so, I miiiight give you some money to coach me later—money that I will surely balk about giving before I lowball you with a heavily discounted

The Hidden Shame of Entrepreneurship—And Why For Some People, It’s Really Frigging Hard to Sell Themselves

I sell people online. All day, every day, this is what I do for a living: I make people sound like golden-voiced prophets with thighs of steel and very good ideas. I am very good at this. I can take a farmer in Kansas and make him sound like the CEO of Gucci in two lines or less. (Lord, you should see how I spun my ex-boyfriends.) You think your sister Sarah enables her drug dealing kid? Woo Nelly—try being

Use a Deadline The Way You Use Condoms: Every. Freaking. Time. (And Other Sales Lessons You Need!)

It’s okay, YOU CAN ADMIT IT: You sort of hated me from all of my emails yesterday. It’s okay! I know you did! But then there was this other side of you that was kind of like…weirdly fascinated. Like, damn, Ash is over here takin’ everybody to school—literally—and during a pandemic, at that! A pandemic! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? You’re familiar with that last line, right? It’s the same one so many of us are afraid other people

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BLINDFOLDED PILLOW FIGHTS. That’s what people are resorting to. Putting their hoodies on backwards with the hood part over their face and then trying to whack their spouse with a giant down-stuffed rectangle as they bumble around the living room. (And somehow managing not to knock over the five-hundred porcelain gnome figurines, which I just assume these people have in their house.) I watched that yesterday and you know what I thought? These people need an online business! Or I

The Easy, Eloquent, Smooth and Non-Salesy Way to Sell Your Clients MORE—Using One Simple Word

I’ve been consulting with A TON of awesome, awe-inspiring business owners this month, and one of the sticking points that keeps coming up is: “I finish an introductory project with a client, but then I don’t know how to transition the call into the sale and get them to buy my bigger package!” I love this question. I live for this question. I eat this question for breakfast. And a mid-afternoon snack. On our beautiful, big-ass journey to help you

“We Don’t See You Fucking Up As Much as YOU See You Fucking Up”: My New Podcast Interview with Jess Lorimer on Selling Yourself Bravely

For a long time, I declined all podcast interviews. Not because I am a grade-A, melodramatic recluse, but because I wanted to give ALL of my attention to THE BOOK. …And then Jess Lorimer came along. And she asked me to talk about selling yourself like a pop star. And she did so with her Scottish accent. And then I freaking fell in love with her, obviously—so I accepted. So now I’m smoking an imaginary pipe and sending this off