How to Nail Your Friggin’ Message, Once and For All, Using This Trick

If there were a richter scale of “OH F**K,” you know which two questions top the charts for creators?

  1. So, what do you do?
  2. Can you send over your professional bio? kisssssesssss

LAWDY, LAWD. The two worst questions in the history of working for yourself. (That and “how much money did you make last year?” which, for the record, only entitled d-bags ask.)

These are the kinds of questions that can make a person do terrible, horrible things—like give up on themselves, shy away from the spotlight, and commit something I like to call “introverbicide,” a condition when you have no idea what to say so you become an involuntary introvert, committing business suicide simply because you cannot talk about yourself.


It’s that mouthful of jargon-y, rambly goop that comes out of your mouth anytime you try to explain who you are and why anyone should care—and worse if you expressly try to sound “important.” HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA the world laughs! (At least, that’s how it feels.)

Worse, you know what else happens?

The longer you go without being able to succinctly & compellingly state your message, the more you feel like an imposter—despite being fully capable, thank you very much.

That’s because how you describe your work affects not only how valuable others perceive it to be—but how valuable you perceive it to be.

Not being able to talk about your idea = massive source of imposter syndrome.

It’s one of the topics I tackled in my book, The Middle Finger Project—remember the part about believing in your own brilliance? And the part about trusting that they are delighted to hear from you?

But there’s only so much you can put in a book. ?

So, this is one of the reasons why I created The Magic Message Bootcamp. It’s an entire online course around (finally!) nailing your message, packaging your work into a big idea, and using it to write your copy like a champion.

And it’s mission critical for:

  • Rising to superstar status in your space
  • Differentiating yourself from the hundreds of others doing what you do
  • Getting people to instantly say, “hell YES, I want that”
  • Charging premium rates
  • Getting noticed, seen, heard, talked about
  • Being invited to be on podcasts, get interviewed, write a book, etc.
  • Having your messaging do the heavy lifting of marketing your business FOR you
  • And, and, and! Having real, rock-solid confidence in your business.

Because if you can’t describe it, you will start to doubt it.

^^^ I cannot stress that more.

Your ability to speak about your ideas in a way that you’re proud of affects how proud you feel. Conversely, if you secretly think that you’re “just another” life coach, website designer, business strategist, or a dime-a-dozen photographer—

you will feel shame.

And that shame will reverberate through everything you do, taking you from VISIBLE & HAPPY & CONFIDENT to small & scared & anxious.

If you’re feeling me on this, I promise that figuring out a unique message that’s smokin’ hot is 90% of that mental battle.

Your message is a cohesive BIG IDEA that you use to package your work & differentiate yourself in the marketplace. It’s that BIG IDEA you want to be known for, which elevates you from hundreds or thousands of competitors doing the same work. For example, while Brené Brown is a psychologist, she’s known for The Power of Vulnerability. That’s her main message—and it’s what she’s built her empire on. Everything from her copy to her talks to her products is built around this idea. That’s what gives her such a massive reputation. Jen Sincero’s YOU ARE A BADASS is a similar concept: the book inside is really just a self-help book that could have been packaged any which way. But it was the packaging of the concept of “BADASS” that made the book a massive bestseller. That’s the message: the backbone of your business. You then use that to build everything, from your copy to your offers to your talks and beyond. It’s sort of like a theme, if you will, that’s worded in such a way that makes people instantly “get” it, love it, want it. Without a solid, compelling message, you run the risk of disappearing into the crowd and being invisible, particularly in an online landscape that depends on your ability to stand out from the noise.

One simple exercise that can help you with this?

Fill in the blank:

“Come to me if you insist on ____________________________.”


The trick is figuring out: what’s your secret advantage?

A mistake a lot of students make at first is making too general of a statement: “Come to me if you insist on amazing wedding photography.” Yes, no shit, babycakes: every photographer in the world is promising that. That’s not going to help you stand out: that’s the expectation.

You need to go beyond industry expectations & make a specific brand promise. ”Come to me if you insist on the strongest trampolines in the world,” on the other hand, is making an actual statement. You’re better than your competitors in this one very specific way. That’s your promise.

And that’s where we begin.

The Magic Message Bootcamp will walk you through allllllllll of this strategy, even if you’re just starting out, and even if you’re not sure you do anything “special,” and even if you’re doubting the hell out of yourself right now.

This is not about being the most unique person in the room.

It’s about packaging your business strategically.

There’s a difference.

And the former is not necessary. In fact, it’s impossible. You don’t HAVE to be some kind of unique butterfly who’s come up with some proprietary process and is a straight mad genius never before seen in the history of humans. That’s not the work. (Thank vodka.)

The work, rather, is about perception. It’s about how you package the work. It’s about packaging the work into a message that the people you want to reach can HEAR. A message that they value. A message that they want to be a part of.

You can take any business and package it 1,000 different ways. The key is in choosing a package that works.

That’s what I teach you how to do in The Magic Message Bootcamp.

And you can enroll for just two more days.

To not feeling like an imposter boob every day of your life,


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