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Get Over Your Fear of Selling Yourself With This Trick for Showing Up With Confidence, Energy and Ease

You know, we just got over an awesome launch of the world’s most useful legal kit on earth for online business (thank you to all of you who bought already!) and the entire time you know what I kept thinking? Selling your stuff requires you to insist on your own brilliance. And that’s a difficult thing to do, sometimes, when you’ve been raised in a culture where you’re taught to be humble, act modest, and not be all show-boatey. (Or,

Should You Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes—but only as a last resort. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: that $2,000 course you’re thinking about taking is COSTS APPROXIMATELY THE SAME AS A SMALL HORSE, however—that’s not to say you wouldn’t purchase a small horse (neiiiighhh!) if you could, say, put $97 a month toward the beast in all its glory. Which seems to make the argument for offering payment plans, right? But now look at it from the business owners perspective. That’s a lot of risk

$5 Discount or $5 Surcharge?

Would you rather get a $5 discount or receive a $5 surcharge? It’s the same change in price, just framed differently—and yet, I bet even the word “surcharge” just had you up in arms. LISTEN HERE, AT&T!!!!!!!!!!! That’s because humans are reeeeepulsed by the idea of losing something we already have. It makes us hangry. Emotional. Angsty. This is why there are so many free trials of all the things. Not because they’re giving you something out of the goodness

“Hire Me” versus “Listen To Me”

If you’re a freelancer, there are two different power dynamics: Hire me! Please hire me! I’m shitting my pants, over here, because I’m depending on you entirely and I’ll do anything it takes, even work for peanuts, because I need you to take mercyyyyy onnnnn meeeeee. Listen to me. I’m great at what I do, and you’re in good hands. I have some recommendations I’d like to make for how we should proceed, and here’s what I suggest we do

“Do I Really Need Three Packages / Tiers / Levels for Selling My Online Course?”

Yesterday I went live on video for an hour or so to advise my Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends on their online business endeavors. Aaaaaannnnndddd one of the things that came up was around pricing: Do I really need to have three packages / tiers / levels for selling my online course? And my answer was HELL YES—if it’s plausible and makes sense. The reason is because instead of telling someone, “Hey, you can either buy this or not, JON SNOW,” you’re saying,

If You Want Someone to Say Yes to You, and Love You, and Give You Their Money, Read This

Today’s the day my private retreat participants arrive here to the world’s most wonderful boutique hotel here in The Cotswolds (I’ll show you later, when I don’t run the risk of some random Freddie Krueger on the Internet showing up and ruining EVERYTHING AKA sawing our hands off in the middle of the night—“you’ll never type again, filthy internet people!”) However, I can tell you this: the rooms have soft wool blankets. A radio was turned to the most delightful

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable Saying, “Step Right Up and Try My Milkshake, Folks!” There Might Be a Problem With Your Product—Not Your Confidence

Small soft chocolate lady was my favorite. She’d arrive in a sand-colored pick-up truck; a small one, I’d say, for a pick-up truck in Susquehanna County. She’d dismount as if she were in a rush, though I knew she was only going back to the grocery store she owned. I’d have her cone ready by the time she got to the window (as any ice cream scooper worth her weight would) and though we never exchanged more than a few

Sales Strategy #5810: Charge for the Pleasure of Doing Business With You

Leather, cigars and sex—that’s the way the men smell as you walk into The Arts Club. It is a members-only affair, and there is a dress code, which means that (a) You will wish yourself dead almost instantly (b) YOU WILL BE TERRIFIED TO FART. Except after about eleven minutes of teenager-like awkwardness you will suddenly look around and love the place. Because there is something about being surrounded by extraordinary money and power that makes a person curious—or maybe

The Most Important Part of Any Sales Conversation: “Here’s the Way We Do It Around Here.”

Six years ago, I met a guy named Matthew Kimberley—that was my first mistake. I KID, I KID. Matthew’s a fantastic friend (and someone I admire very much as one of the foremost expert sales trainers in the world, that bastard) and I have the privilege of hosting him here in London this week while he does a photoshoot with Heidi and drinks way too much red wine with me. (My job is very difficult, as you might imagine.)  

You Aren’t Mad When Your Favorite Brand Releases a New Product—And Neither Are Your Customers

I have this one tradition which is going to sound entirely fucking pompous but I’m going to say it, anyway, because there is a point and WE LOVE POINTS. One new pair of designer sunglasses every summer. It’s a small luxury, but one that I greatly enjoy, because the best rewards are the impractical ones; the little delights that elevate your life out of the ordinary. For me, it is not so much about the product, but the ritual of