Feeling Overwhelmed (And Who Friggin’ Isn’t?): Ask Yourself This Three-Word Question

There are loadssss of questions I ask myself during the day.

Things like, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” and “How awkward was my hello to the neighbor just now?!” And “I’ve eaten two salads in a row—AM I SKINNY YET?”

But those are just the kinds of questions you ask yourself when you’re a fucking nutcase. Those fun bags aside, there is another question I ask myself when I’m feigning “responsible person who acts with intention and actually PLANS THINGS in her life.” (Ha. Haha. Hahahahahaaaaa. HA HAAAA.)

It’s only got three little words. Ready? Are you ready for this? The three-word very-important question is this:

To. What. End?

To what endddddddd?

Why are you currently making a YouTube video while writing a speech proposal while answering your Insta DMs and volunteering to barter with that lady and getting your Facebook group going and simultaneously trying to knit that bastard a scarf?

There are lots of things we do because they seem like things that will somehow help us in the future. But “somehow” is the real culprit here, because if you’re filling your life doing a bunch of things that don’t have a clear path to “NEXT,” then your life is going to not only be impossible to manage (picture yourself glassy-eyed at two o’clock in the morning sitting cross-legged in your living room screaming, “Whyyyy? WHYYYYY?!?!”)—but you’re also not going to achieve much. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been spinning your wheels, this might be why.

Goals, as annoying as that word is, are important: it’s the only way you know what makes sense to do today.

Otherwise? Everything you do ends up being a crapshoot. Except it doesn’t look like a crapshoot when you can label it “productive.”

But, is it?



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