The Smart Ass Guide to Dealing With Dream Zappers (Guest Post @ Free Pursuits)

Do people tell you that you should be more realistic?

That you'll need to join the real world someday? That your ideas will never work out because of x, y and z?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

They are Dream Zappers (DZ) and they're coming to an aspiration near you.

Before you deliver a swift karate chop to their jugular, click here to check out my guest post over at Corbett Barr's Free Pursuits: Unconventional Lifestyle Designs for Adventurous People. If you haven't come across Corbett's site in the past, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes on it. It's worth it. He'll challenge you to answer two pressing questions: “Why do most of us work in jobs we don’t really love? Why do we give up the best years of our lives in support of someone else’s vision while living for the weekends?”

Awesome. Check it out.




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