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Trust, Humanity & A Dutch Pilot. Otherwise Known As The Important Things In Life.

In: Feeling Dead and Uninspired

Sometimes, you want to do it all yourself.

Sometimes, you don't want anyone's help.

And sometimes, you (bullheadedly) insist on being the hero in your own fairy tale.

Sometimes, that person is me.

Other times, that person is you.

But if there's anything I've learned when it comes to love, life, happiness & business, it's that there comes a time when it's okay for us both to drop the act.

In fact, it's not just okay, but it's a must.

This isn't a post about connecting with others because–together you can go farther!–or some happy horseshit like that.

Rather, it's simply about remembering that we're called human beings for a reason–and that with that, comes an element of humanity.

And humanity implies a collective–something that perhaps we should consider emphasizing for once, rather than minimizing.

Because while it is true that together you *can* go farther, the fact of the matter is that we don't need to go farther.

What we need, rather, is to go deeper.

Deeper into ourselves, deeper into our connections, deeper into our world, and deeper into our most precious desires.

Because it's there–in the deep recesses that we typically ignore–where every answer lies that we've ever longed for.

It's just a matter of digging for them.


We can't do the digging all ourselves–as much as our pride insists on it.

So this, friends, is a call for trust.

To trust readily.  To trust shamelessly.  To trust frankly, fully, ingenuously and open-heartedly.  To trust so much that your raw, unearthed vulnerability is exposed, but instead of running from it, you revel in it.

It's about trusting ourselves, it's about trusting each other, and it's even about trusting in the Dutch pilot who sits down next to you and your friend Nina while she's visiting you in Chile, and proceeds to wax on about how beautiful you both are in the cheesiest of ways.

Because sometimes, the Dutch pilot is telling the truth.

And sometimes, instead of turning our heads, looking the other way, and pretending not to hear him, we should look the Dutch pilot squarely in the eyes, flash him a bold smile, and simply say, “Thank you.”

Because as it turns out, he's human, too.

And as it also turns out, we now have a chance to go to Ecuador for the weekend.

See what I mean?

This trust thing isn't so bad, after all.

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