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Sometimes, It’s Easier to Lie to Yourself, Than Do the Work

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If you were overweight and believed that you simply didn’t have the “genetics” to be slender—do you think you’d ever try?

The stories you tell yourself aren’t your truth—they’re your shackles.

So, what other things are you lying about?

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Be Selective With Your Energy. In Fact, Be Downright Arrogant.

I’ve stopped checking my emails every day. Before that, I shut down my Behind Closed Doors program. And this past Saturday night out with the girls? I drank…sparkling water. Yet, I can confidently confirm that I am not pregnant, suicidal, dying of cancer (at the moment, anyway) or just having such great sex that I […]

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Always Do. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

If you walked in the door right now, I don’t know if I’d run and hug you hard, or if you’d seem like a stranger now. I’d like to think that I’d hug you. I’d like to think that I’d bury my face into your chest and you’d smell like your old cologne–which kind, I […]

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