I'm a Bad Influence on Women

Yo, I’m Ash! Fifteen years ago I was a small town girl growing up in a trailer park in rural Pennsylvania when I lost both of my parents. Fourteen years ago, I left for Philadelphia on a mission to discover what it meant to live a good life and do work you’re proud of. Twelve years ago I realized that “normal” was the most disappointing thing that ever happened to me. Eleven years ago I quit my shiny job in advertising. Ten years ago I started an innocent little blog called The Middle Finger Project. And today? I’m an author with Penguin Random House, a million-dollar internet entrepreneur, a creative writer known for her irreverent voice, and someone who is proud to be leading women from around the world and teaching them how to make their own damn money. So if you need help believing in your fucking self again, if you need the confidence to pull the trigger on YOUR middle finger project, if you need some really great money-making advice, and if you need to someone to help you GO, GO, GO—I’m your girl, and this is your crew. Enter your email now to kick start an all-new era for yourself, and welcome to The 👏 Middle 👏 Finger 👏 Project. (((Emails are where EVERYTHING happens.)))

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