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Introducing ? The 2nd Annual “Wipe Your Buns With $30,000” Challenge! (Haha, I’m Not Even Kidding.)

I know. I KNOW. I bring such an air of sophistication to everything I do. (See also: The Middle Finger Project book and the sweet, sweet letterboard in my living room that reads, “My Name is Inigo Montoya.”) But let’s be honest: “The $30,000 Money Challenge” just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? You know when I’m in your inbox. And you also know when I show up to teach you something, it’s going to be GOOD. Which brings

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BLINDFOLDED PILLOW FIGHTS. That’s what people are resorting to. Putting their hoodies on backwards with the hood part over their face and then trying to whack their spouse with a giant down-stuffed rectangle as they bumble around the living room. (And somehow managing not to knock over the five-hundred porcelain gnome figurines, which I just assume these people have in their house.) I watched that yesterday and you know what I thought? These people need an online business! Or I

Rec for Taxes (Save Us All)

I’d rather lick a moldy iguana carcass than do my bookkeeping + taxes. (God, could I use a more disgusting example? GROSS!) But, seriously. I sat down this morning, intent on FINALLY carving out the time to sit down and review my—gag—books, categorize a million transactions, and get together SOME kind of mysterious document to pass over to my CPA, who is growing more and more impatient with monsters like me (because, hi, apparently we shouldn’t be waiting until the

Percentage Off or Flat Rate? Memorize This Bomb-Ass Trick ?

I hate rules. No swimming after eating. Let him call you. Sorry, our video library can only be watched from within The United States. (Stab. Stab. Stab.) But there is one rule, however, that I think is pretty nifty. It’s called, “The 100 Rule.” And if you’re running a business and intend on running a sale—even on your undies? You absolutely need to know it.   The 100 rule is this:   If what you’re selling costs less than $100,


Isn’t pricing a GROAN? Like, you physically groan when it’s time to “figure out your pricing,” because WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE THE MOST ARBITRARY THING ON EARTH? How do I know if it’s right? Is it too high? Too low? Will anyone buy it? Am I selling myself short? Does the price match the value? Do I seem self-important? What if people are like, “bitch crazy.” [?] What if I ~ am ~ crazy? And how am I supposed

How to Be a Bitch About Money: The 8 Money Policies Every Freelancer NEEDS to Avoid Getting Burned Like a Ham Sandwich—Including the Rock-Solid Refund Policy That Slays

Eight-thousand dollars. Eight-thousand dollars! EIGHT-THOUSAND DUH-OLLLL-ERS. That’s the (actual) amount of cold, hard cash one designer recently had charged backed by a client—and her credit card company sided with the client. Mother of ouch. More than that, though, this kind of crisis can be absolutely devastating to a freelance business that’s operating paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. Eight-thousand dollars is pretty much having to give someone YOUR CAR. Like, welp, here you go, HERE’S MY HONDA ACCORD—and

YOU AREN’T CHARGING ENOUGH. Here Are Twenty Big, Fat Reasons Why.

Andddd (drum roll!) we continue our discussion about money with the biggest, hairiest, most existential question in all of entrepreneurship: “How much should I charge?” While other people are worried about how much they’re spending, YOU have the ass-clenching task of worrying about how much you’re earning. (Let’s be honest, your ass did clench up a little when you read the words, “How much should I charge,” didn’t it? I KNOW.) As we’ve discussed about 493 times since we’ve met

Ten Urgent Lessons Women Need to Learn About Making Money—Without Apology

So, clearly we are all aware that at present, I’m on a sliiiiiiiightly obsessive-compulsive crusade to help women make MORE MONEY, because THIS. (That said, I am also on a slightly obsessive-compulsive crusade to eat as much buffalo sauce as I can find and Insta-story the entire fucking city of Philadelphia, so, I mean, choose your own adventure?) The next couple of weeks, all we’re going to talk about is money. Making it. Making more of it. Keeping it. And

29 Creative Ways You Can Find Some Extra Money on the Fly, In a Pinch, When You’re Strapped and When You’re All: SOS, Cash Flow Where’d You Go?!

The other day I urged women: do not let them money shame you. Do not! Even though they’ll try to. Even though, because you’re a woman, you’ll be deemed “delusional” and “scammy” and “self-serving,” the more money you charge—even if it’s the going rate. And yet, when a man charges the same thing, they are “experts” and “powerful” and “at the top of their game.” Awwww hell no. (To my point: I recently read research that showed that when men


You know what’s been blowing RIGHT up my skirt lately? That women are shamed for wanting money—as if this is a bad thing. We’re shamed for charging it, for thinking about it, and for daring to create something that we—brace yourselves, folks—want money for, in exchange. There’s this unspoken code of conduct that comes with being a woman, it seems, which says that you are supposed to give selflessly, sacrifice, and always put others first. Just think about all of