[New Podcast ?] Abortion, Guns, God & Pussies—And Is Civil War Inevitable?

Okay, so I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. So, so much. (Besides the fact that “Abortion, Gods, Gun & Pussies” is definitely going to be my new personal tagline.)

Right now I’m on the ground in the Appalachian mountains, driving (with extremely careful COVID precautions) through a series of rural southern towns in an effort to investigate small-town America and the narratives driving conservative voters and how it all fits into the greater…fabric of things. (See the gram for pics as we go!)

I’ve got sooooo much I want to share with you, but in the meantime, as we make our way home to Philadelphia, you have got to listen to this podcast episode I recorded with the founder of One Commune (Los Angeles-based producer of courses with Russell Brand, Sophia Amoruso, Deepak Chopra, etc.) all about the different ways rural conservative America and urban liberal America view the world, the hidden human needs of Trump supporters (and why Trump’s brand has been effective, despite traditional Christian values), and why the psychological component is more important than any one policy.

Seriously—Jeff is so damn smart. He’s able to articulate issues I hadn’t yet considered, and the discussion that evolved between us was one that, I think, merits your time. (You know I hardly ever send you podcast episodes of myself talking. ?)

Inside, you’ll be treated to:

  • The voice Ash uses when she means fucking business
  • Abortion! Christianity! Guns! Donald Trump and pussies! (And the surprising link between them all)
  • Why one Trump voter I spoke with is actually piiiiissssed about the idea of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour
  • The statement: “Keep Mexican dope down in Mexico”—and how the opioid epidemic is being pinned on the wrong guy(s)
  • How opioids arrived in white rural America in the first place (and why this matters for the vote)
  • Kneeling as a form of protest—and why so many rural voters are getting heated over this peaceful gesture
  • Why “make America great again” works so well as a marketing slogan…despite the majority of young conservative voters not being alive in, say, the 1950’s
  • Gunssssssss, rugged individualism, and government mistrust
  • In defense of rural America: racism doesn’t happen on purpose…usually
  • Is a civil war coming?
  • And the one thing I believe can save us all

Pop in your earbuds and go for a morning walk or throw it on while you make lunch! Here’s the link again.

I’m trying like hell to serve as a cross-cultural interpreter—let me know how you think I did. ?

Have a great weekend, and be sure follow along on our journey over on Insta. See you there, hustle swan!!!




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