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Worried You’ll Never Make It? This’ll Shut You Up. (With Love)

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Well, well, well – look at TMFproject blowin' it up with blog posts on the daily.

Don't get used to it.

At some point I will absolutely go back to 2-3 posts/week – probably once I get skinny again and being outside in a bathing suit is actually FUN. Ahem.

(Wait, will I ever get skinny again?)

(Wait, did I really just aggressively gnaw into a hunk of cheese while asking that?)

(Of course I did. IT'S CHEESE.)

Today, however, I just need to brag a little.

Not about myself, but about YOU.

There are three TMFproject crew members who seriously deserve some congratulations. And probably a vodka-soaked brownie. But do you have any of those? I know I don't. Bad timing, I guess. Next time.

So, let the congratulating begin.

One of the things that makes the TMFcrew (ahem, that's you) so fucking fantastic is your support (and total ball-busting) of one another. So please give these folks a round of applause!


1. Marlies Tumolo – TMFproject crew member and 2012 winner of the Best Dive Job in the World contest!

Marlies will be heading to Bali for 7 months on a scuba diving internship as the grand prize winner–rent and food included! Whoo hooo!

She wrote to TMF and said this:

Hey Ash,

Just wanted to drop by, throw you a what's up, and a great big thanks!
You inspire me.  Really really inspire me.  Every time I read one of
your blog posts it is like someone handed me a nice big shot of
tequila (my vodka), told me they believed in me, and reminded me to
get my ass in gear.  So, since you inspire me, and motivate me, I
wanted to share my dream come true story with you.  I am a wanderer
and traveler.  I have spent the last year in Thailand and was in
Mexico for a year before that.  I know that traveling and seeing the
world is what I want from my life.  Besides my love of travel, I have
never had a hobby that was also my passion.  Until I went scuba
diving.  And I feel in love.  And I knew I didn't want to do anything
else.  So I decided to quit my job and get trained to be a scuba
diving instructor, which would allow me to travel the world as a dive
bum and meet endless amounts of sexy tan skinned men 🙂  This is when
I began looking for scuba internships.  As luck would have it I found
a contest called the best dive job in the world.  If I won I would get
to go to Bali and be trained all the way up to scuba instructor.  Not
to mention they buy me equipment, pay my rent, feed me, and send me on
all kinds of little trips.  And guess what?  I did it!  I wanted it, I
believed I could do it, I showed them why I was better than everyone
else, and I WON!  Yup, I WON!
(  So there it is.  Thanks for
inspiring me.  Pushing me to push myself.  I got a place for you in
Bali anytime!  I leave Thailand to head there in less than a month!
Keep living it up in Costa Rica, maybe we'll meet when I am dive
bumming it down south 🙂

Thanks again girl!


So very happy for you, Marlies! Congratulations!

2. Michelle Nickolaisen – Winner of Adrian Peterson's Football for Good Grand Prize

If you recall, a few months back I was the copywriter for Adrian Peterson's Football for Good initiative (Peterson is the running back for the Minnesota Vikings) which benefited at-risk youth. So, we ran a huge push to get the TMF crew involved in downloading the Football for Good app, and one of the grand-prizes was a fancy-pants trip to L.A., or $2,500.

Guess who won?

That's right, our very own Michelle Nickolaisen. HOT DOG!

(She took the money, honey.)

Congratulations, Michelle – hope you have fun with your new Macbook Pro!

3. A family. That I can't name. Because it's still a secret. But they're part of our TMF crew. And they've been selected to star in the upcoming TV series, “Quit Your Job and Move to Paradise.”

A while back, I got a call from my friend Michael, who was the casting director for this show, because he figured we'd have some perfect families hanging out on TMF who would be great for the show. So, I put out a call to you all.

And while I'm not at liberty to announce the winners' identity at this point, they are, in fact, an amazing family who regularly reads TMF, saw the announcement here, made an amazing video audition, and WON.

Very exciting! Can't wait to see you guys on TV! (You know who you are.)

So, there's all that! Congratulations to everyone.

Sending hugs and a slap on the ass,

@TMFproject (You are hanging out with me on Twitter, right?)

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