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Feb 10


[ANNOUNCEMENT] Early Bird Tickets TOMORROW @ 9am New York, 2pm London!

Feb 10, 2021

IT’SSSSSS HEREEEEEEEEE! By “it,” I do not mean the perpetually re-sprouting hair on your chinny chin chin (though that’s a constant fun house, is it not?), nor do I mean the pair of compression socks you secretly ordered on Amazon because who wears compression socks unless they’re nine-hundred? (Answer: me, apparently. I’ve been training for […]

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Jul 9


Start a Boring Business—Not an Innovative One. (Also Filed Under: Business Advice I Never Thought I’d Give.)

Jul 9, 2020

I once met a guy whose job is to gut dead poodles and freeze dry their corpses—and I didn’t even get this luminary’s phone number. I know, the recklessness in it all! If I may offer some advice, anytime you meet someone with a business card that says, “We won’t turn your poodle into a […]

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May 12


10 Things That’ll Make You Go “Ooh, Oooh, Oooohh!” (Especially if You’re in Online Business)

May 12, 2020

SIX-HUNDRED DADDIES. That’s my shorthand for “dollars.” I don’t know why or when it started. Actually, just kidding, it just started right now. Not because I have daddy issues or anything (though clearly I do). SIX HUNDRED DADDIES was what I paid. Six-hundred! And you know why? Because I just had to import a slab […]

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Mar 20


The Emergency Money Workshop: REGISTER FREE HERE >

Mar 20, 2020

BLINDFOLDED PILLOW FIGHTS. That’s what people are resorting to. Putting their hoodies on backwards with the hood part over their face and then trying to whack their spouse with a giant down-stuffed rectangle as they bumble around the living room. (And somehow managing not to knock over the five-hundred porcelain gnome figurines, which I just […]

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