This London Tour Guide Needed to Scale Her Biz: Here’s How I’d Add $250K to Her Bottom Line

HEY, KITTY CAT—and welcome to Middle Finger Fridays!

I’m featuring a new creator every Friday who’s out there SMOKIN’ it—and highlighting what I think they’re doing really, really right—as well as one or two things they can do even better to make that money. ?

Today, we’re hollering at a tour guide in London who gives the cooooolest walking tours—but (!) how do you scale your business if your clients need to be in person to see you?

The name of this game:

Turn. Your. Knowledge. Into. Intellectual. Property. You. Can. Sell. 24/7.

This one’s for you if you've been wanting to transition more to an online business model but haven't been sure where to start or how to do it. (Just wait until you hear some of these ideas—some, you might not have thought of yet! I am SURE the wheels are going to start turning.)

Step right up, my friend—because just like last week? We’re doing this babe on video.

Let’s take a peek! ? ??





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