This Coach Needed a Fresh New Message That Stood Out: Here’s How I Took Her from “Same” to “Fame” in 15 Minutes

HEY, KITTY CAT—and welcome to Middle Finger Fridays!

I’m featuring a new creator every Friday who’s out there SMOKIN’ it—and highlighting what I think they’re doing really, really right—as well as one or two things they can do even better to make that money. ?

Today, we’re hollering at a coach for creatives who is a delicious red-hot smoke show on Instagram—but (!) I know we can do even more to help her convert clients. The name of this game?

Figure. Out. Your. Big. Message.

This one’s for you if you feel like your work isn’t standing out from the crowd and you’re not sure what to do. Your message could be way stronger, but…how?

Step right up, my friend—because today? We’re doing this babe on video. ▶️

Let’s take a peek! ? ??

Want some help figuring out your message?

Here you go, darling!





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