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Resolutions Are For Chumps. I Choose Revolution.

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All the things you think you need this year, you don’t.

You do not need more determination.  You do not need more discipline.  And you certainly do not need more diligence.

Are you kidding me?

You are a Westerner–you’ve got plenty of that.  Why else have you gotten up every single day and begrudgingly gone off to work at that job that makes you miserable?  Why else have you lived your life doing things you don’t like, because you “have to?”  Why else have you put your bleeding, aching soul on the back burner, in the name of “getting ahead,” or “being financially stable,” or having a “respectable career?”

You’re as determined, disciplined and diligent as they come.

You want to dedicate yourself to a useful goal for the new year?

Commit to having a little more blind faith.

It’s irrational.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s unpredictable.

And yet, ironically, it’s also the safer move if you want to accomplish anything worth your own potential.  Determined, disciplined and diligent have gotten you to where you are today; thank them for their companionship, and then move on.

There’s no room in the new economy for the dutiful, the obedient, the sheep-like.  Those qualities have become obsolete.

We’ve long since passed the Industrial Age, where our economy was based on production.

And now, we’ve even passed the Information Age, whether we know it or not.

The future of the economy is no longer reliant on how much information we have at our fingertips, and how fast.


The future of the economy will be defined by what we, human beings, DO with that information.

This is a time for creation.  For meaning.  For fulfillment.

This is the age of the human being, where, for once, our value does not depend on how many widgets we produce, or how efficiently we can transfer information.

Our value now depends on US.  On our ability to lead and connect–our ability to deviate from the flock, to stand for something worth standing for, and to bask in our humanity, and what it means to really live.

But of course, that’s easier said than done–especially for those still stuck on the idea that success will come if you do what you’re told.

That’s merely an illusion.

Rather, success will come only to those who are willing to have a little blind faith–in themselves, in their art, and in their ability to stand tall and take the world by storm.

And that’s no resolution, sweetheart.

That’s a revolution.

Welcome to the new year.

You in?

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42 thoughts on "Resolutions Are For Chumps. I Choose Revolution."

  1. K Burton says:

    I struggle with this a lot. Now, I DID quit my corporate gig over 5 years ago, and started my own business which I LOVE! That said, I DO need the discipline to, say, pay my taxes on time, to make my clients happy, to do the mundane-type things that go along with running your business. I have read so many self-help books over the years that state: “Follow your dreams!” but totally leave out the part about dreams involving some hard work and sacrifice. They make it sound too easy. So while I DO agree with you (starting my business was the bravest, craziest thing I ever did, and I hung in there despite all of the odds and all of the people who said I’d fail), I think that if you solely focus on the touchy-feely happy fun creative stuff, and you neglect the boring mundane hard stuff (like accounting, or hiring an accountant, or creating a website, or returning calls, or selecting an insurance company), then your business (or endeavor) won’t make it. That said, for my own business, I am more than willing to do the hard, mundane stuff, because it’s for ME, and not some creepy evil boss. So it is definitely worth it!

  2. Thowardross says:

    I am already on board.. I’m just happy I found a place that is lighting a fire

  3. Michael says:

     What do you mean, you win?  My birthday is in June, I love really good shit that doesn’t suck, and I’m always generous.  I win.