The Moments In Between – PAY ATTENTION.

Success is shit. (Hang on – the punchline is not what you think it is.)

We're always working toward it. (Are you rolling your eyes?) Listing out goals. (Inevitably on some overpriced moleskine.) Sweating. (A lot.) Hustling. (As much as we can before insanity sets in.) And pushing people out of our way to achieve it. (Violently. With tattered red heels.)


As if it were this tangible thing you can reach up, grab with your hands and cradle like a pudgy little baby. As if once we “achieve it,” we'll be “successful,” and then we can run around asking for Grey Poupon out of the side of our limo. (Because ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU WOULD DO?)

You already know the punchline: There's no such thing as success – blah blah blah.

That's not where I'm going with this. We'll leave that blog post for some well-intentioned, recently enlightened 20 year old.

But if you're not chasing success, what are you supposed to be DOING?


Isn't that the question? (Or is it maybe, “Why is Ashley so aggressive and slightly profane? To which I'll simply say: Scranton.)

I've thought about this a lot. Probably more than most people.

And time and time, the conclusion is this one:

It isn't about the end goal. (Unless you're about to score with Patrick Dempsey.)

It's about the coy little unassuming moments in between.

In other words: Are you fucking enjoying them?

Because if you're not, you're missing the point.

This past week, the girls that work for me here at TMF reminded me of this simple truth once again–in the form of the world's best birthday video.

Yes, together we are working toward some pretty big goals.

Yes, together we're experiencing “success.”

Yes, together we're working our tails off day in and out.

But you know what we're also doing together?

Enjoying ourselves.

Bottom line: Are you having enough fun?

And to add some icing to the proverbial cake – when your clients work with you, are they?



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