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What You Say Is More Important Than What You Sell

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What you say is more important than what you sell. 

Creativity is not a child’s luxury; it’s a smart business strategy.

If you’re wondering whether creativity is a waste of time; if you’re convinced that  “your product / service / website will speak for itself,” then think twice:

Because creativity, as it’s usually defined, is about making a statement.

But creativity in business is about making a statement that gets you what you want.

Notice the difference.

It’s important to recognize—

—before, of course, your competitors do.

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2 thoughts on "What You Say Is More Important Than What You Sell"

  1. Steve Rice says:

    Succinct. Simple. Right.

  2. Ari Herzog says:

    Whoa. Actions don’t speak louder than words? Or is that your way of sticking up your middle finger to popular belief? I’m suddenly confused, Ash. Help me understand?