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Your Panties Are In a Bunch. And It’s Preventing You From Making Money.

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You have your panties in a bunch.

That's not an assumption–that's a fact.

The reason why I know you have your panties in a bunch is because instead of creating–doing–progressing–experimenting–trying–you froze up, kid.

You didn't move forward on that idea you had (because what if it doesn't WORK OUT?)

You didn't write that book you wanted to write (because what if it isn't GOOD ENOUGH?)

You didn't get that website up and running (because that'll mean you're really COMMITTED)

You didn't go after that client (because what if you make A FOOL OF YOURSELF?)

You didn't take that risk (because what if it's TOO MUCH WORK?)

And most of all, you didn't honor yourself (because you were TOO SCARED)

The kicker is that while you thought you were protecting yourself, in reality all you did was make yourself more vulnerable. Exposed. Naked. Defenseless.

More vulnerable to the whims of the market.

More vulnerable to the economy.

More vulnerable to your fixed paycheck.

More vulnerable to a world that doesn't always play nice.

And more vulnerable to yourself.

You'll be beating yourself up for months. Or maybe years, if the wheels never start turning.

You might have had your panties in a bunch this year.

But for 2012…it's time to bust out that leopard print thong, baby.

That includes you, men.

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